Friday, May 3, 2013

13 months old

Sweet happy Audrey you are 13 months old. You are busier than you ever have been and loving your growing independence. You love to try to keep up with Hunter and Madison in everything they do. You are happy all the time, so content. You LOVE to be held by me. When we are at home you would love to be on my hip all day long, my little buddy, watching everything I do. We do a lot together because I just love your company. You crane your neck around trying to catch my eye as you sit perched on my hip and when our eyes meet you smile and do a head bob...a little dance, and then you throw your head back and giggle. You crack yourself up! You make us laugh everyday with your dancing. You always have a beat in your head. You shake that booty, bounce your knees up and down and bob your head back and forth.

You mimic every sound we make. You love for us to talk to you and sing to you. Baths and swimming are super fun right now. You love splashing and playing in water. You spin around in circles over and over and over in the bath and laugh and squeal and splash.

When we are out of the house you want to explore. You have ZERO interest in being held by mommy.

You love to make messes. You have a few favorites. This is probably number one right up there with the shoe basket but if you happen to catch a bathroom door open nothing tops a good toilet paper roll.

You love to pet Charity and she is so sweet with you!

You love to give baby dolls hugs and slobbery wet kisses.

Being outside is one of your favorite things! As soon as a door opens you make a sprint to get out before it closes.

If you miss your opportunity to get outside this is the face we get.

I hope you never stop this right here....standing at my feet, looking up just begging to be held. That's the best right there.

Baby gate FAIL! You are so sneaky. I'm still not sure how you managed that one.

Ah another favorite. You go after my coffee cup every morning. After a few times of you spilling it everywhere I finally learned to drink out of one with a spill proof lid.

You are too sweet for words Audrey Ann. Your daddy and I think you may just give Madison a run for her money as the most joyful kid in the house. You are one happy and joyful baby. We all just love you so much and are so blessed by having you in our lives!

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