Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Day of K4

Hunter's last day of school at Cornerstone was today. The picture on the left was last August (he went just 2.5 weeks in August before we moved to Washington DC). I home schooled him last fall and then he rejoined his K4 Class in January when we moved back. The picture on the right is today. It's crazy how much he has grown in a year!  

Hunter loved his K4 class. His teacher Ms. Jessup, was so awesome. He absolutely loved her and she loved him too! At the end of the year she cried when we thanked her for all her work this year and for loving on Hunter. She said adored Hunter and said she would miss him terribly and that he was such a jewel in her class and that she appreciated so much the way we are raising him. She said they ran out of Gold coins because of Hunter. They get Gold coins for Christ-like behavior and Hunter came home with one about 3-4 times out 5 days a week. I am so proud of him and the boy that he is becoming and his sweet tender heart. He has such a good heart and is so thoughtful and kind and obedient. I can't believe he is growing up so fast. He is reading and writing sentences, knows more Spanish than me (I need to work on that) and he can draw better than I can (not that this is a hard thing). He can tell time and do simple addition and subtraction. He is really into learning, he loves it! He is so good at memorizing facts and memory verses. Once he hears it he remembers it. I just love this little guy to pieces and am so proud of him!

Ms. Nagla (left) and Ms. Jessup (right). Madison insisted on being in the picture too :)

He also lost his first tooth this week! It was loose before he went to bed one night and the next morning he woke up and ate a muffin for breakfast and said "hey mommy there's something crunchy in my muffin but it's okay I just swallowed it" no buddy that was your tooth! 

I am so excited about our new adventures next year, more on that later. I just love this little guy to pieces and tell him everyday he MUST STOP GROWING UP SO FAST. Seriously.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Spa weekend

The LONG awaited spa weekend! Jordan gave me a spa day at Trellis spa and a kid free overnight stay at the Houstonian hotel for my Christmas gift this year. Can we say BEST EVER! I think my love language might be "spa day."  

I decided to invite some friends to come with me! Ashley flew in from Idaho and Roni drove in from Dallas. Two girls I have been friends with since we were all pregnant with our first kids! 

They are both little shorties (compared to me and Jordan) so we all thought this picture was hilarious.

They stayed in our guest room on Friday night

I HAD to do a welcome to Texas bag for them (even though Roni is from here), it was Ashley's first time! The bags were full of my favorite things (and a few of their favorite things too).

Saturday morning we ate breakfast at our house, hung out with the kids a little and then headed to the nail place to start our fabulous day. We got pedicures and then drove down to Galveston to meet up with another friend AND to let Ashley see the Texas coast. 

We met up with another mom friend, Lindsey, for lunch on the beach and then walked across the street to the beach after. 

Then we left to drive back in to Houston to hit the REAL SPA! So excited!

We each got deep tissue massages, and facials and then rotated between laying around in our robes, eating and drinking their food and getting the pools/hot tub and steam room. GLORIOUS.

We were THOROUGHLY relaxed after and went up to our room and ordered a GIANT room service dinner and rented a movie.

We didn't even make a dent. 

The next morning we checked out and dropped Ash off at the airport :(

It was such a fun weekend! I think it should be an annual event!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day

I love my family. Not just my immediate family (Jordan and the kids) but my extended family. I love that we can all hang out together...BOTH sides when we are in town. Our family is pretty unique I suppose. It's totally normal for us to come to Dallas and see everyone and at some point we have everyone all together in the same house around a dinner parents, siblings, their kids and spouses...Jordan's parents, sister and her husband. It makes things SO awesome for our sweet kids to have such wonderful grandparents and aunts and uncles. I have always LOVED big family gatherings. It's one of the reasons I want a big family of my own. I love all of the activity, the personalities, the stories and memories shared. I love that we can go home and not feel split between the two sides of the family but that we can all just hang out under one roof and enjoy each other's company. If we lived in Dallas I would be the first one to sign up for a weekly big family dinner! 

My sister was nice enough to take this picture of my little family when we showed up to mom's house for Mother's day lunch. This is my whole world. 

Speaking of Mother's day...Jordan and I were blessed with some pretty spectacular mothers (and now grandmothers). They are legendary!

We gave Nana and Vivi photo memory books of the kids lives thus far. All of Viv's pictures were of her with each kid from birth to present and Nana's were of her and each kid from birth to present. When I made the books I put all of the photos in and then called Hunter and Madison each in to tell me about their Nana and Vivi as I scrolled through the pictures. They gave me a "narration" of each and I included it in each book...that was my favorite part :)

After our lunch we loaded up the car for our drive back to Houston.

Hunter and Madison passed out shortly after pulling out...

Audrey (the one who actually NEEDED to nap) stayed awake the whole 4 hours :)

Cutie patootie this one. I sat in the back with them so I could be of more use. Audrey seemed to like my company.

Fairy Princess Garden Party

For Madison's 3rd birthday we did a fairy princess "garden" party in Vivi's backyard. It was a beautiful day. I had so much fun with this party!

I spent countless hours watching DVR'd shows making all of these tutu's over the past month. They are SO easy to make but when making 11 of them it takes a while! All of her female guests received a tutu, wings and a fairy wand as part of their party favors to take home and to wear to the party that day.

Vivi had the perfect backyard for the occasion!

We had the usual crowd for our Dallas birthdays. Both sides of the family, of course, plus the Benton and Niswanger clan! We always enjoy catching up with them!

Rudy and Patricia and company were nice enough to drive in all the way from Monroe, La. Amber soaked up some Noah snuggles as much as she could (Hailey was her big helper).

Madison woke up from her nap and was SO excited to go down and get her outfit on for her party!

Audrey (13 months)  looked pretty cute in her little outfit too

The boys were pirates! We only had 4 boys and I didn't want them to feel left out of the dress up fun. They really got into the costumes too.

John Carter (3)

Madison (3) and Emory (5)

The kid's food spread (the adults had taco salad)

Little butterflies with carrots and grapes (Hunter and Madison helped me make these)

Dipped Pretzels and strawberries 

Cake pops (Madison's favorite) 

Peanut butter and jelly stars

Fairy Princess wands

An attempt at a group picture.
It was hard to get one without the tulle blowing in the way because it was a little windy. 

Aunt Beekah made a tutu and dressed up too! Madison LOVED that. 

Emory (5), Noah (7) and Hunter (5)

 Chloe (5) and Kaitlyn (4)

Ava Grace (3), Madison (3), and John Carter (3)

Hailey (2)

Audrey (13mo)

Hayley and Casey and Nana and Pop

Daddy painting faces 

Ava Grace (3)

Hailey (2)

Hayley painting Chloe's face

Noah's (7) awesome pirate paint and outfit

Vivi painting Hunter (5) 

Somebody got Audrey! (13mo)

Vivi made sugar cookies into wands so they could decorate the cookies (vivi's specialty). 
They loved this part!

Madison opening her gifts

Madison checking out her doll house from Papa and Vivi

What a fun day! This birthday girl was fabulous!