Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend with the cousins

The kids and I went to Dallas this weekend so I could keep Noah and Chloe for a few days while Meagan and Jimmy were honeymooning and my parents were at Hayley's Maui wedding. We arrived Thursday night and left this morning (Sunday morning). Jordan was at a coaching convention out of town all weekend so it was just me and the fabulous 5!

Friday morning a friend of mine, Roni, came over with her 3 kids. All of the kids had fun playing together in Nana's backyard!

Bath time giggles :)

Family Worship with the cousins

A little bed time snuggles before lights out

I stumbled on an awesome park just a few miles from my parents house. We went pretty early so we were the only ones there.

They burned off some good energy before we headed to sonic for some tasty drinks

Sonic drinks on Nana's awesome screened in porch! (Audrey was napping)

They were pretty wiped out (it wasn't even lunch time)

Silly Hunter had fun with Nana's masks

We loaded up the car after Audrey woke up and headed to see papa and vivi for a few minutes

The kids had fun playing with her beautiful roses that were in full bloom.

We left after about 30 min of playing and went home for naps. Madison woke up not feeling well at all after nap. She had been fighting something all weekend but had taken a sharp turn suddenly. I took her to urgent care and discovered she had pneumonia :/ poor baby got sick all over the place while we were there and I had no extra clothes! She got some antibiotics and we headed back home and she passed out for the night....she ended up sleeping with me for the night.

The next morning Noah and Chloe were picked by their dad and the kids and I loaded up and drove back to Houston. What a fun weekend with cousins! (minus the urgent care trip :)

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