Sunday, April 14, 2013

Meagan and Jim's wedding

We headed to Dallas Friday morning before the wedding and arrived at Papa and Vivi's house just in time for nap time. Maddie had napped on the way in the car so she got to have some one on one time with Papa. He gave her a manicure and pedicure to get her all pretty for the wedding!

My girly girl is lovin this!

Audrey woke up and snuggled with Papa for a while too while we got ready for the rehearsal. Papa stayed home with all 3 kids while Jordan and I went to rehearsal and the dinner. Vivi was in charge of decorating the reception site so she spent Friday night till about 11:30 at the hotel. We joined her after the dinner to help but she already had most of the big stuff done.

Saturday morning I had a lot of random errands to run for the wedding. I took Hunter with me and we stopped and got his hair cut.

I love taking the kids out one at a time for some one on one time together....oh the conversations we have! It wouldn't be an outing with mommy without a stop for a special treat! Hunter's choice...the donut shop. He was my little errand buddy. It was so much fun hanging out with just him all morning!

Jordan and I went on to the wedding early so I could help Meagan get into her dress. She looked STUNNING!

The guys waited outside 

Vivi spent the morning finishing up some last minute decorating at the hotel. Papa stayed behind and got Hunter dressed and ready and then brought him to the church right when the wedding started. The girls stayed at the house with Rebekah so they could nap during the ceremony and then she got them dressed and brought them up to the church just as the ceremony ended so they could be in the pictures. It was SO nice to have all of these extra hands! Jordan and I had a part in the ceremony so it was nice to have them all help with the kids during the ceremony, especially the girls getting to take a nap, otherwise it would have been a long day for them.

He looked SO handsome. He insisted on the tennis shoes because the new ones hurt. It wasn't worth it to fight the issue because I could SO relate. 

Meagan and Jimmy's kids were in the wedding as bridesmaids and the ring bearer. 

The ceremony was beautiful! 

Hayley (who is getting married in two weeks) with all of her nieces and nephews

Papa and Vivi

Nana and Pop

Daddy daughter dance

This was precious. Hunter and Madison immediately wanted to be on the dance floor. The MOMENT we walked into the reception they were all over it. I loved this... Hunter asked Vivi to dance and Maddie asked her daddy.

Heart Melted

Madison did this twirl all night long. She loves dancing! Hunter kept working on his break dancing moves. He was all over that dance floor. They had a blast together.

Maddie and her Papa. So precious

Nana and Audrey hit the dance floor too!

This girl is next! 14 days and counting!


Ashley Locke said...

Love love love! Adorable!

Christine said...

1. Love the pictures of Papa helping with the kiddos. What a great Papa to give a pedi and mani! What sweet memories.
2. Hunter looked so handsome the day of the wedding, and I LOVE that he wore his tennis shoes.
3. You all looked beautiful at the wedding, it looks like y'all had a great time.