Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Audrey!

Oh my goodness you are just about the cutest and sweetest little thing ever. You are just SO much fun right now. You make everyone in our family so happy and we all just love being around you. I can't believe you are already 1 year old. This year has been such a joy with you. I have loved soaking up every sweet moment I can. 

You are by far the biggest momma's kid we have had yet and I must say I LOVE it. You are a very content baby. Anyone who crosses paths with you likes to talk about how sweet and happy you always are and about how alert and interested you are. You are an observer for sure. You love to be where the action is. You love to try to do what Hunter and Madison are doing. You have the most unique crawl and everyone loves to laugh at it. You started walking this month and are at about 50% right now. You walk in about 5-10 feet distances and all short distances but if you want to go a long distance fast you turn on the turbo crawl. You still love to be held but when it's time to explore you make a nose dive for the floor. 

You are into EVERYTHING. It's hilarious to see the path you leave behind you. You love to explore around the house. Opening and emptying cabinets, pulling toilet paper off the roll and dragging it through the house. If someone happens to leave a bathroom door open you know IMMEDIATELY and make a bee line in for your favorite toy. If someone leaves a toilet open you love to splash in there too (GAG). That is our biggest challenge right now is getting the 4 other members of your family in the habit of shutting the toilet lid AND the bathroom door behind them! 

Hunter and Madison LOVE to find your messes. They think it's hilarious. I think it's pretty cute. You are in such a curious stage right now and I love watching you have fun and discover the world!

You love to clap and wave bye bye and DANCE. You always have a beat in your head. You either bounce up and down and clap or you kind of do head banging type dance with a half grin on your face and a "ahhh ahhh ahh" noise to go with it.

You are just the sweetest little thing. Such a calm disposition. You are very flexible and go with the flow of what we have going on. You love to bump heads, point out and grab noses and play with my hair.

You sleep 12-13 hours through the night and take 2 (2-3 hour) naps a day. You wake between 6:30-7:30 am. Nap around 9/9:30-11:30am and again around 1:30-3:30pm. You go to bed between 6:00-7:00pm. 

You got your ears pierced for your birthday and you did AMAZING. You absolutely hated to be held down while the doctor drew on the place she wanted to put the earrings. But when she actually pierced them you did not even flinch! You also got 4 shots and a finger prick for blood draw which you did not care for AT was a big day!

You weighed 21 pounds (50%), 31 inches tall (97%) and your head circumference was 18" (80%).

You love to play in the sand with Hunter and Madison. The first few times you just tried to eat the sand but you quickly realized that was not it's best purpose.

You guys all play so well together it just melts my heart to watch you!

You are up to 8 teeth now and are cutting 3 molars! Yikes! This is what you look like when your teeth hurt. Poor thing you just want to be held and then you are happy!

This is one of the reasons I just want to squeeze you! You ALWAYS love to look at me. No matter where you are or what you are doing if you spot me you crane your neck for some good ole eye contact and then you give me the biggest and best smile you have. You are just so incredibly sweet.

You love your daddy too. Daddy likes to have one on one special time with you. He thinks you are pretty sweet too. He loves to work with you on body part naming and making silly noises. You can identify and say nose. You also say dada, mama, ball, bath, bed, papa, vivi, nana, and pop.

You love to have tea parties with Madison. You also love to play with little hand held balls. You always have a ball or spoon in hand. You are so easy and content!

You stopped nursing earlier this month...all on your own! One night I put you down to bed like normal and when you woke the next day you just refused to nurse. I tried a few more times that day and again when I put you to bed that night and you turned your head climbed down from my lap, crawled over to your crib, pulled up and said "bed bed bed". That wean was about as easy as it gets! So now you drink whole milk with meals and eat everything we eat. You LOVE to eat and you are fast and will eat anything we give you. My favorite thing you do, and we all laugh about this EVERY night, is after you are done eating you wave your hands back and forth in the air like an air clap with no contact and you laugh and yell out "ahhh ahhh ahhh" to let us know you are all done.

This morning we all came to wake you up and sing Happy birthday to you.

You are always so happy when you wake up.

We all had breakfast together

Then after dinner tonight we had a little party for you with some friends. 

You had fun eating your cupcake. You didn't even hesitate. 

We had the Hammonds over for dinner that night so they got to be a part of the celebration of YOU!

Then before the left they "egged" our house so we had even more fun surprises for the day. 

What an amazing year this has been with you. I cannot imagine life without you in it. I just love our little family and feel so blessed that God hand picked each one of you to be ours! You have been such a joy to our family and we all adore you. You make us laugh every single day and we all fight over who gets to snuggle you. We love you so much Audrey Ann.

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