Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Bunnies and Cake Smash

While we were in Dallas, for Audrey's birthday party, my sister did her cake smash shoot and brought over her bunnies to capture all the kids playing with them!

I LOVE this one!

So sweet...this girl

Hunter loved the bunnies. This was true excitement. Such a great smile!

We started off Audrey's photo shoot in a basket. She was NOT a fan!

She liked her new chair better

But not quite like she liked her CAKE!

She dug right in...she's not shy

The bath was her favorite part though. 

I just LOVE this sweet face

Meagan did great as always capturing the best of our kids! Photo shoots with her are always so relaxed and fun. 

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Brittnie said...

I might have to copy your idea of washing Clara off in a little bath tub after she enjoys her smash cake. Super cute!