Sunday, April 7, 2013

Audrey's 1st Birthday Party

We decided to do Audrey's first birthday at Nana's house in Dallas this year. We are still in the stage of life with our kids that we can get away with having their parties in our hometown because the most important people in their lives right now is our family! One of these days it will mean a lot to them for their local friends to come, and when the time comes we will have their parties here and family can come to us!

We did a "smaller" just family and one set of friends party but even so there were still 26 people there! Have I said how much I LOVE having a big family?! Seriously LOVE it. 

The day was gorgeous so most of the party was outside. Nana had her screened porch open and all the windows in the house open. It was perfect!

Her cake table was just about the only thing inside. 

She had a cupcake cake which was perfect!

Her main area was the screen in porch (easy cleanup and perfect weather!)

We made her highchair out of an entire roll of tuille. Just weaved in and out of a sash tied around. Easy peasy. Her chair is covered in the same table cover that is on the tables....easy cleanup after the cake smash!

It wouldn't be a first birthday without the traditional pottery barn chair (gift from mom and dad)

This pinata was IMPOSSIBLE to break but so fun to watch the kids try!

Nana and Pop have the perfect backyard for grandkids! A giant tree house, giant sandbox and a seesaw for the kids to play on. All while the adults hang out on the screened in porch

Sweet girl was starting to get tired!

Madison was in charge of getting those presents opened...and loved every minute of it.

Cutie patootie bloomers "I'm one!"

 Wiped OUT! 

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