Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sea World Spring Break 2013

We surprised the kids and took them to Sea World for Spring break this week. The day before we left we told them we would be going and they had a lot of questions about what they would be doing once we got there. We told them about Shamu and all the fun rides and other animals and Hunter wanted more details about this Shamu character. Upon hearing of our plans for the week Hunter pulled me aside and said "hey mommy, I'm not going to be feeling well when it comes time to see the killer whale, you can just take Maddie." Hahah Love that kid!

We started off the trip in New Braunfels at the famous Naeglelin's bakery. 

Audrey looks SO old in this picture. SLOW DOWN

Dinner was at Gristmill in New Braunfels.

The weather was perfect so we sat on the patio overlooking the river

Such a cutie patootie this one...she's growing up so fast! She loves the camera. 

Jordan being...Jordan

Hunter loves to find a good climbin tree

Of course Maddie is never far behind!

We stayed at the embassy suites. We had planned to rent a house but we were too late with booking. What can I say we aren't much for planning :) The hotel was perfect though. They had a 2 bedroom 2 bath suite available which was PERFECT for our party of 5. Everyone had their own bed and own space. The kids crashed from a day of travel and excitement the moment their heads hit the beds. 

The next morning was SEA WORLD DAY!

They woke up READY TO GO

Hunter was cracking me up. He was so excited he could sit in this chair and his feet could touch the floor. 

The weather was perfect. Started off kind of cool so we had light jackets on. But by mid-day it was perfect and they changed into swimsuits for the wet rides. 

Hunter and Madison rode their first roller coasters. Hunter was actually tall enough to ride all but 2 roller coasters in the park.

We saw each animal exhibit

Audrey finally passed out after lunch for about an hour. She got in way less nappin then she usually gets in a day but we will take it! She was such a trooper all 3 days we were gone.

The kids rode this ride the most. We had fast passes so they got to skip the line and go straight to the front. This was the main wet ride they did. 

I didn't want to get wet (daddy took one for the team) so Audrey and I stayed in the shade and shared a dippin dots!

On to the splash area

more fun with daddy

I coaxed Maddie into the stroller to try to get he to nap while Hunter went on one of the big roller coasters she couldn't go on and she actually fell asleep! While she slept Hunter had a dippin dots and Jordan and I took turns riding the biggest roller coaster.

Funnel cake anyone?! Clearly we stuck to the healthy eating on this trip. The kids LOVED the funnel cake.

Finally Shamu. Hunter was not the least bit scared. In fact they sat on the front row in the splash zone. Daddy took another one for the team in the splash zone while Audrey and I watched from the dry area in back. Hunter said Shamu was his favorite!

After a FULL day we met Tia Dre at Julian's New York Pizza for dinner. The kids were wiped out by that point. Hunter passed out in the car on our way to dinner and was pretty out of it the rest of the night. He walked the entire day at the park and is the only one of the kids that didn't take a nap in the park. He was exhausted!

The next day we packed up, checked out of the hotel and went down to meet Tia Dre at the river walk. She lives right on the river walk so she took us on a little tour of the area.

Hunter and Maddie played the ipads while we waited for Tia Dre to arrive. 


Family pic

We walked the River walk and then took the boat back to our starting point. 

We had lunch at La Gloria on the river

Audrey had her first lime

When we got back home Hunter told us that Sea World is his favorite place and asked if next time we go we can stay for 57 days instead of 2.

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