Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hayley's Bridal Shower

This weekend I threw Hayley's Dallas bridal shower. She and Casey are getting married in April in Maui. This was her first shower and it was so much fun! She loves daisies and the color green so we went with it. This is the photo I used for her invitation. Aren't they adorable! 

Our Aunt Jayne offered to have the shower at her gorgeous house. She knows how to put on a party! She has the perfect house for the occasion. I used the same blessing tree that we made for Meagan's shower 2 weeks before but we changed it up and added some green in place of the burlap. Her guests used this instead of a sign in book. 

The spread was DELISH! The cake was oh so good. Vanilla one one layer, strawberry on the other with buttercream icing. Society bakery never disappoints!

These are the favors I made for Hayley's shower. Each bag contained 2 of her favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Guest of honor!
 She had a great turnout! And had to go back and basically re-register because she got most of what was on her registry and this is not the only shower she is having. These are some of her best friends from high school.

Audrey napped in the media room for most of the shower and then came down at the tail end to socialize and snack. Vivi, Beekah and Nana rotated snuggling her for the rest of the shower.

Nana, Hayley and Aunt Jayne

Me and Beekah

I'm so excited for Hayley and Casey we can't wait to Celebrate!

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