Friday, March 8, 2013


Audrey and I are in Dallas to throw Hayley's bridal shower tomorrow. While I am here, with only one kid, I decided to make the rounds to meet up with a few friends. It's so hard to get around to seeing everyone every time we go especially when we have all the kids with us, so I try to see a few each time. This time I picked the birthday girls!

We drove out to Keller, about an hour from my parents, to meet Roni and her 3 kids for the first time in person. I've known Roni for 5 years now but we just now got around to meeting up. We are in a mom's group together and have been since we were pregnant with our first kids. We both have 3 kids are they are all about 6 months apart from each other in age!  I picked up some party supplies and sprinkles cupcakes and Chick-fil-a on the way so that we could celebrate her birthday with a little party with her kids. I only had Audrey with me but she had all 3 of hers and we had a fun little party!

After we left her house we went over to Papa and Meme Martin's house to catch Phillip, Christine and Brody as they passed through Dallas on their way to Waco. It was Christine's birthday too and I had picked up enough party supplies and cupcakes to celebrate with her too! She was only in town for an hour so I was glad we were able to time it up just right to meet up with her.

After I put Audrey to bed Mom, Hayley and I took Meagan out for dinner and to have a little lingerie shower. We tried a new italian place in Addison because our original plan (the melting pot) ended up being closed down! We had a great time anyway!

On to celebrate Hayley's upcoming wedding tomorrow with her bridal shower! Can't wait!

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