Sunday, March 3, 2013

11 months old

Sweet baby girl this was a big month for you. You finally got tubes in your ears after an entire fall/winter season of having back to back ear infections. Dr. Martin did your procedure, just like he did Madison's 2 years ago. You did great. We got up at 4:30am and drove Hunter and Madison to Dana and Sheila's where they hung out while Daddy and I took you to have your little surgery. We arrived at 6:00am (you on an empty stomach) and you went back at 7:00am for your surgery.  You did better than I expected being awake from 4:30am to 7:00am without nursing (since the night before). You went back without a fuss. You let anyone hold you so when the nurse took you from us you just talked to her the whole way back. They used gas (no IV) to put you under and you were done in about 15 minutes. You were fussy waking up in recovery so I went back and nursed you. We stayed about 30 minutes in recovery and then we left and went and picked up Hunter and Madison. It was such an easy procedure just like Madison's was and you have been SO MUCH better ever since!

Daddy did most of the holding and playing with you before surgery since I am your source of food and you could not have any!

You were a little fussy on your way home every time you hiccuped or burped

You went right back to normal within no time though!

You are so busy right now! You are everywhere. You have a unique crawl that is very entertaining to watch.  You step with your right leg and drag the left behind you. You move WAY too fast these days. You seemlessly go from crawling to standing without holding on to anything, and then back to sitting. You cruise around furniture, lightly holding on for support. You walk holding on lightly to a stationary object like the wall, a finger, a toy. You have the balance to walk alone but you haven't tried it yet. You think you need to have a hand on something. You've taken a few steps from furniture piece to furniture piece without holding on to anything. You climb stairs, pillows, attempt to climb on the couch but it's too tall. You head straight for the toilet bowl when the bathroom door is open so you can have some splashing fun (gag). You love to unroll toilet paper, empty drawers/cabinets on to the floor and any other messes you can manage to make.

You go after anything your siblings are into. You want to be doing what they are doing at all times!

In the car you sing/talk the entire time. You love the sound of your voice and usually will pick a note and hold it for about 1-2 minutes at a time at a volume that no one can speak over. You randomly do this at the dinner table too when everyone is talking and not particularly paying attention to pick a note and hold it loudly until you have our attention and then you start laughing. You are so adorable! After your tubes you had a language explosion. You say mama, dada, nana, pop, papa, dog, bath and poo poo and you repeat just about every noise or word we ask you to say.

You sleep 12-13 hours through the night. HALLELUJAH! This is thanks to the tubes, I do believe, because you have been so erratic since September about sleeping straight through. I am sure constant ear infections had something to do with that. But literally the first night after surgery you slept 13 hours and have ever since. You take 2 naps a day (roughly 9am and 1pm) each for about 2 hours. You go to bed at 6pm and wake between 6:30-7:00am.

You eat everything we do. Your favorites are waffles, blueberries, Lara bars, oranges, broccoli, corn, peanut butter sandwiches, bananas and apples. You nurse 4-6 times a day and take whole milk in a sippy at meals. I plan to cut out one nursing session a week over the next month so that you will have made the full transition to milk by 12 months.

You love the car cart at the grocery store. Madison has been begging to switch from the regular cart to the car for a few months now. You love it! It's much more entertaining.
 You want to be outside 24.7. If the door opens you make a bee line to escape. You cry when someone goes outside and doesn't take you with them. You also cry if you are outside and are brought back in.

You love the new puppy Charity. She likes to try to tackle you though so often times your play time with her ends in you crying. But you still go back for more the next time.

You love our family walks. You could be outside all day! You are so sweet and so fun. We just love you so much!

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