Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

My kids love to Celebrate! Seeing a day like Valentine's day through their eyes is so much fun and such a joy! We made these little treats for their classes at pre-school. The loved everything about the day!

These are the cookies inside the bags

They woke up and came down to some fun treats on the kitchen table. I made them some pink valentines pancakes for breakfast and they opened their little gifts. A singing card for each (they are obsessed with singing cards!), a balloon, a bear with chocolates, and a disney movie.

We had breakfast together before Hunter and Madison left for their pre-school parties
 Jordan gave me these beautiful roses
 I went to their class parties at school. Hunter's was not open to parents but I peaked in :). Madison's was open so I went and took pictures and watched her interact with her sweet friends.

Such a big girl with her treat sack and her rolling back pack. Cuteness through the roof!

This sweet girl LOVES her school days. She literally begged us a few weeks ago to let her go to school like Hunter. They made room for her in the 2 yo Tuesday/Thursday class and she LOVES it. She is just so outgoing and sweet and full of joy! She loves people and is re-charged by being around friends and loved ones! What a precious girl!

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