Sunday, February 3, 2013

10 months old

Oh Audrey I am pretty much OBSESSED with you right now. You just keep getting cuter and cuter. I can't stop kissing your sweet head. I miss you when you sleep and can't get enough snuggles when you are awake. You are ALL over the place crawling everywhere, pulling up, cruising, taking a brave step alone here and there, standing alone to play and just being a cutie patootie that I want to squeeze!

You are talking a lot of babble lately. You say momma mostly when you want me or you are upset and want something "ma ma ma ma ma" you cry. When daddy comes in the room you sit up really straight, put your hands together and say "DA!! You also so "BA" for bath. When it's bath time you put the crawling in turbo mode and sprint to the bathroom shouting "ba ba ba ba" and you pull up on the side of the bath and kind of dance and jump in excitement while you watch the tub fill with water. You LOVE baths. I think you would be content to spend your whole day in there! You repeat or parrot noises we make and copy motions we make too.

You love to be tickled. You anticipate it coming by getting your hands ready, smile on your face and alert and ready for the tickler. You squeal and giggle and belly laugh and it's one of my favorite sounds in the world. I think I have this on video 27 different times because I can't stop recording the cuteness. You love to reach out and try to tickle others too. We are most definitely in a PRESS PAUSE on life stage with you right now.

You are such a happy baby, so smiley and snuggly. You love for me to play on the floor with you or just ride on my hip while I do things. You play very well alone with toys for a good while before you start exploring for some company and this is something that dramatically increased as your mobility increased. You love to spend you days exploring now and we very quickly had to pull the baby gates back out because you are way too fast and curious!

You are on 100% table food and have been for a while now. This month we introduced whole milk in a straw sippy with your meals (making a gradual change over from exclusively nursing to drinking milk). You seem to like it and can finish about 2 sippy cups full in a day. And since we started that you have started to put on weight again. With all of the sickies you've had this season you stayed at the same weight for a long time and even lost almost a pound when you had RSV. In addition to nursing you eat 4 solid meals a day (or 3 and a snack). Your favorite foods are waffles, cheerios, bananas, oranges, grapes, blueberries, carrots, sweet potatoes, chicken, tilapia, peanut butter crackers, peanut butter sandwiches and Larabars. You nurse anywhere from 4-5 times per day usually but have gotten away with as few as 3-4 on a rare occasion. You are pretty attached to nursing still....ready to go every 3-3.5 hours. You still get 90% of your nutrition from nursing but you love you table food and milk too!
You decided Madison needed to share her apple with you. 

I spent my first night away from you this past weekend and it was harder than I thought it would be. I am pretty attached to you right now and just so enjoy the stage you are in. You are so easy and such a joy to be around. You are in a great routine, you are sleeping well and eating well. You are curious and fun. You are content and happy 95% of the day and when you aren't it's an easy fix. You are my little buddy! You are loving faces right now. When you nurse or when I hold you, you always reach up and grab my nose, put your hand in my mouth or just pat me or nuzzle your head in my neck. You are so playful and full of fun these days and we just can't get enough of you! We love you sweet girl.

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Christine said...

aww love this blog! This is so sweet! I can't wait to see Audrey again. I can't believe how much she changed since the last time I saw her. You are such a good mom. :) It is neat to see how much you value each of your kid's special personality traits.