Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years

Papa, Vivi, Beekah and James all came to DC for New Years and to Celebrate Christmas. They came up for 5 days and we had a blast hanging out, eating yummy treats and seeing the sites in DC. 

Everyone had a blast taking turns on the plasma cars

We did my favorite segway tour of DC one day and it was SO cold but he had a lot of laughs!

We worked it out so that their returning flight would go through Houston so they could be extra hands with the kids on the flight back. We shipped my car back to Houston and Jordan drove his truck back and arrived about 5 days after us. He went through South Carolina to pick up a boat he bought and then enjoyed taking the scenic route home to Texas passing through Dallas along the way. He LOVES to drive and see new places so he had a great time on the open roads. I did not want the kids to be stuck in the car for 24+ hours (2-3 days of driving) so we were SO thankful that the Black's were able to help me get them back (with all of our luggage too!)

We each took a kid on the flight and it couldn't have been a smoother trip!

We accumulated a lot of stuff while in DC so we ended up shipping over 30 boxes back along with my car and Jordan's car being completely full AND giving away a ton of stuff before we left. Now we get to try to find a place for all of this stuff! I am ready to purge it all.

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Rickie Scherer said...

That many boxes?! Wow! I hope you got a reasonable fee for all thirty boxes. Did they charge you extra on your loaded car? When having your car shipped across the country or two different countries, you should ask the carrier company if they are fully insured and are in contact with the country of your destination.

Rickie Scherer