Monday, January 28, 2013

Jordan's Birthday

Jordan was gone hunting for his actual birthday so celebrations stretched over a span of a few weekends so we could celebrate with both sets of grand parents. Plus the more parties the better was far as the kids are concerned. Papa and Vivi came down the weekend before his birthday

Papa taught Hunter how to play checkers and baseball!

Vivi baked up a few dozen cookies with the kids


We had cake too!

We went to church on Sunday and to Cheesecake factory after

Then home for naps and a game of baseball in the driveway

After Papa and Vivi left we spent the week unloading our 2 PODS and cleaning out the garage. We have acculmulated so much stuff from all of our moves the past 7.5 years that we were SO overwhelmed at the amount of stuff that needed a "home" when we got back from DC.
 My parents had offered to come down and help us get organized and unload the PODS while Jordan was gone hunting as a birthday gift to Jordan. We were both WAY overwhelmed trying to do it by ourselves with the kids under our feet. Nana and Pop were LIFESAVORS. I mean seriously we did some major work while they were here.

We took some breaks for some fun with the kids every now and then! Nana LOVED the plasma cars.

Jordan was in town for part of the unloading but when we began to unpack and put away and organize he was gone. By the time he came back he couldn't believe how much we had gotten done and he was THRILLED to have it behind us. Thank you so much for a wonderful birthday gift!

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