Thursday, January 3, 2013

9 months old!

Well once again time is flying by too fast Audrey. You are becoming more toddler-like and less baby-like every single day. You are such a sweet sweet baby I just cannot get enough of you. You seem to be right in the middle of Hunter and Madison's personalities. Not as strong willed or opinionated as Hunter was but not quite as laid back as Madison was. You are your own unique personality! I love it.

You are a big time momma's girl and have been most of your life but since you turned about 5 months it's been increasingly so each month. It might be because daddy was gone around that time for 6 straight weeks and then when we moved to Washington to be with him and he was not around very much (as far as you are concerned) with your early bed times and frequent napping you two missed each other many days. You do love your daddy though and said Da Da the other day for the first time! You have been saying mama for a while now. I can't remember when you first said it but it was around the time you started noticing when I wasn't around (perhaps the same time object permanence set in?) Anytime I am in view of you but not holding you or down on the floor with you I hear mama mama mama and you reach for me to come rescue you. My hip is your favorite place to be. You LOVE the view from up there. You are so tuned in to everything around you. Your eyes dart back and forth, head swiveling around to every noise, every stimulus...just trying to take it all in. I love it when you're on my hip too because I can kiss your head 5,437 times. Kissing your sweet head is one of my favorite things in the world. I love that you want to be held by me because I love your sweet snuggles. I also love that you let me rock you. After you nurse I like to snuggle you and smell your head and sing your song to you and you are content to let me do that for as long as I want! You are a good little snuggle bug.

You also love to nurse. By this point with the first 2 they were way too busy to take time to nurse (Madison) or take a bottle (Hunter) but not you. You still nurse 6-8 times in a day on top of all the table food you eat. It's possible my supply is just thin. Your sleep has been all over the place since we moved to DC. You had way more crazy nights than normal nights that I'm not sure you even have a "normal". But for sake of trying to remember down the road I will say that most nights you go to bed around 6pm wake at 9:30 to eat and then sleep until about 5am when you wake again to eat (ravenous) and then up at around 7am for the day. There are good nights where you sleep 6pm to 5am (eat) then up at 7am for the day and then there are bad nights where you wake every 3 hours all night. Most of the time spent in DC you had croup, RSV, various colds (allergies?) or ear infections or cutting one of your 6 teeth so there is really no explanation for why you sleep the way you have because it could be any number of reason! BUT the neat thing about you is that even though some nights you are a frequent waker you always return to sleep SO easily. And you are also a pretty good napper. You are currently taking two solid naps about 1.5-2 hours a day occasionally needing a 3rd nap to bridge you from afternoon to bed time. Even if you have a rough night you usually always nap well and are always pleasant to be around. Last night was your first night back in your bed in Houston and you slept through the night for the first time in I don't know how long...honestly I have no recollection of the last time you slept thru the night before this because my brain just doesn't keep track of that stuff anymore! You slept 6pm-7am and this momma was feeling SO good.

You weigh about 18 pounds 12 ounces (45%), 30 inches tall (99%), and you head is 17.8 inches (78%). You wear size 12 month clothes and size 5 shoe. 

You LOVE to eat. You eat what we eat at this point (minus raw honey) you have tried just about everything on our menu from fish to peanut butter to pistachios. You love peanut butter and bananas the most or a good cracker. You always go for a good cracker. At meals you drink water out of a straw cup and you self feed all of your food. You are like the cookie monster... food flying at you as you shovel food left and right into your mouth fist over fist. Food can be found in a 4 foot radius around your chair after every meal.

You are slowly beginning to crawl. You haven't gone across a room yet but you will move about 2-3 feet and then pivot and do it again. You pull to stand, take a few steps holding on to one of our fingers and you stand alone to play for 5-20 seconds at a time. You can go from laying to sitting and back to laying down and you have been trying to stand up alone without pulling up on something but you have only gotten into the downward dog position so far.

You are so much fun. You have the sweetest personality and fit in to the family so well. Even when you aren't feeling well you are fun to be around and so so sweet. Hunter and Madison are both getting a big kick out of you interacting with them more now that you are mobile and interested in the same things they are. They think it's hilarious to see you standing up or crawling and they cheer you on each time. It is so fun to watch you all grow up together. You all adore each other and it makes being your mommy and daddy so fulfilling! We love you sweet Audrey Ann. 

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Brittnie said...

So precious.

Clara missed her friend Audrey in Sonshine class this past Tuesday. :)