Thursday, December 13, 2012

Maddie Moo

You are soooo 2. 
You are pretty much too cute for words right now. 

You got a hair trim the other day and acted like such a big girl

You LOVE your are pretty much obsessed with him. On his day off (Tuesday) he always takes you and Hunter to do something fun, usually fishing. The other day you woke up, on a Tuesday, and I was trying to let daddy sleep in a little. You saw his truck outside Hunter's window and said "OH daddy is home today, we go fishin'!!" and you ran downstairs and started putting your jacket, gloves, hat and shoes on. Daddy came stumbling down half asleep for breakfast a few minutes later and you ran up to him and grabbed him and said "let's go daddy! Let's go fishin'!"

It ended up being too cold for fishin' that day so he took y'all to pump it up instead

 You love to jump all over daddy and wrestle in the basement too

You also wear socks or gloves on your hands all day everyday, which I don't have a picture of.  

You are just so precious!

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heather said...

How cute is she! Love it!