Monday, December 24, 2012

Duke the Elf

Santa sent one of his elves to hang out with us for the month of December. The kids decided to name him Duke. He was quite entertaining. They LOVED to wake up each morning and go find where he was hiding. As Christmas got closer he started surprising them with little gifts he would bring back from the North pole. 

The first day he brought them whoopie cushions which they thought were HILARIOUS

He also brought them some stamps which they enjoyed doing until the ink ran out :)

Some nights while they slept he would get into stuff or do silly things. They loved it when they found him doing funny things the next morning.

I was especially appreciative that he brought them their own headphones for when they get ipad time and also for when we travel!

This was one of their favorites. We had made this gingerbread house the day before. During the night I guess he wanted to have some decorating fun too but he spilled the sprinkles everywhere. They thought it was HILARIOUS.

This morning (Christmas Eve) was Duke's last day with us. He went big and decorated the chandelier and brought Santa hats for everyone to wear on Christmas and he brought lots of goodies on the table. The kids said goodbye to him until next December. 

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Brittnie said...

I love that Duke spilled the sprinkles! Too cute. :)