Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

It snowed today! We are going to have a white Christmas! Something I really hoped would happen for the kids sake since they may never have it again (living in Houston). They were BEYOND excited to get out in it but we did not have the proper gear (again being from Houston) so they were freezing and WET! 

This was Madison's first snow. Hunter experienced his first snow as a baby and then a handful of times since.

Our view from the back deck. The kids watched the snow fall with SUCH excitement from this window.

They wanted to build a snowman but their gloves weren't waterproof and there wasn't quite enough snow yet so we did the best we could. 

Audrey's first snow and first Christmas! Big week for her :)

Daddy and Maddie in their Santa hats that Duke brought this morning. The kids had Christmas Pj's again this year, which we usually open Christmas Eve, but since they wore them for the Christmas card pictures that we did in November they just opened them a month early.

3 cutie patooties excited to go to bed so Santa can come!

Santa came. Hunter and Madison mostly got 2 big gifts (plasma cars and balance bikes). The wrapped presents were much smaller (more like stocking stuffers) except for Madison's baby alive doll and Hunter's spiderman, but I like to wrap everything so they have lots of unwrapping to do! That's the most fun!

Audrey's little pile. Of course at her age (8mo) she will have the most fun playing in the boxes and wrapping paper. 

All snuggled in bed. This is so precious I could just eat her up!

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