Wednesday, December 12, 2012

8 months old

Audrey you changed SO much this month. You are becoming so much more curious and are determined to get mobile. You are really close to crawling and/or cruising I'm not sure which will happen first! You changed a lot this month in terms of development but you also had a rough month of being sick. You and Hunter and Madison all had RSV the past 2 weeks as well as double ear infections hence the reason I am late on your monthly update. It's been survival mode here lately!

You were all very sick but you were especially miserable. 

You had a hard time sleeping, didn't eat well, would get in long coughing fits that would often end in losing whatever was in your tummy and any time you were awake you were either moaning, coughing or crying.

You started breathing treatments for your wheezing and you were NOT a fan at first. 

Each time you did it you got a little more used to it

And we were eventually able to do your breathing treatments (which took almost 2 hours a day) while you played.

No matter how bad you felt a bath would always lift your spirits. You spent many a days in the bath when you were awake because it was the only thing that kept you happy.

You are SO curious right now. You want to play with everything and you love floor time the most. 
You learned to go from sitting to all fours and back to sitting. You pull to stand on everything and you want to stand all the time. You get up on all fours and rock and you scoot to the toys you want out of reach. You kind of walk with your hands in a half circle on all fours but you haven't figured out that the knees must follow yet. Secretly I am hoping full crawling holds off 3 more weeks until we are back in Texas where my baby gates are! When standing, you hold on lightly with one hand and you let go and stand alone for a few seconds at a time and you will take steps holding on with only one hand.

You babble and coo a lot and you are on table food for 3 meals a day. You love to self feed. Your favorites right now are whole wheat peanut butter crackers, yogurt melts, cereal bars (soft kind), cut up banana, cut up oranges, cut up mango and peaches and any kind of cracker or mum mum.

You love oatmeal and sweet potatoes rolled up into balls for you to self feed. You drink water out of a sippy but need help tilting it up to get it out. You have been ravenous the past few days I think it's to make up for lost time when you were sick and not eating much.The past few days you have nursed every 2 hours in the day and every 3 hours at night. Daddy fed you a few bottles last night to help me out :) you took a 6 ounce bottle at 9:30pm, a 4 ounce bottle at 12:30pm and then you nursed at 4am and were up for the day at 6am and nursed again. You are ravenous. You lost a half a pound when you had RSV so you must be making up for lost time!

Your sleep has been less than stellar the last month but I can't blame you with what you have been dealing with. You have averaged 3-4 wake ups between 6pm and 6am. Exhausting for this momma because I was also sick but we survived and I know you will be back to sleeping again soon (hopefully when the ears are better and teeth are in right?!)

You LOVE  LOVE LOVE Mickey mouse. You will twist and contort your body to see it if it's on. When you hear the intro you squeal with excitement! You are loving "lovie" right now. You are not picky about which lovie it is. You will gladly play with yours, Hunter's or Madison's.

You have more opinions about things now. You cry when toys are taken away (by your siblings), you startle and usually cry to loud noises (especially the vacuum cleaner), you LOVE the bath and spent many sick days in the tub when you were awake because it was the only thing that kept you from crying. You are a definite momma's girl right now. You always have an eye on me and reach out for me from across the room. Most of your near crawling attempts have been when you are trying to get over to me. You think your daddy is funny and you love to play with his scruffy face. You are ticklish in the neck and stomach and you squeal with delight when we tickle you. You also try to tickle back...especially to Hunter and Madison.

You lost a little weight this month and got down to 17 pounds 5 ounces and you wear 9-12 month clothes, size 3 overnights and 2 daytime diapers. You have 4 teeth in and 2 cutting the past few days. You are SUCH a happy baby.

The comment I get the most about you is how happy and easy you are and that you are very tall and have big beautiful blue eyes. You are so smiley and snuggly. I could just eat you up!! We love you SO much Audrey Ann you are too precious for words and I am one blessed momma to have been entrusted with YOU.


Brittnie said...

Such a sweet girl. Can't wait to see her again soon!

And you too :)

Roni Henderson said...

She is precious! I love the christmas leggings