Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Papa and Vivi

This past weekend Papa and Vivi came to Virginia to visit and to go to a game. Hunter and Madison were BEYOND excited to see them. 

 As usual the weekend was full of crafty fun 

Vivi's specialty 

They made a construction paper Christmas tree

We took them to the park

Audrey snuck in some snuggle time with daddy (she LOVES his scruff)

Audrey and daddy were REALLY tuned in to the Notre Dame game

Vivi soaked up snuggles with all her grand babies

 Vivi caught a pic of the tail end of my snuggle bug Hunter nuzzling in :)

Maddie ran to the store with me one night all by herself

I love one on one outings. She insisted on the football shoes :)

Maddie (always with a baby in tote) is such a little mommy

Papa and Vivi's first home Redskins game

On Monday, the day after the game, we all loaded up and flew to Dallas for Thanksgiving week. God bless helpful grandparents!!

We each took a kid...nice way to fly!! Vivi hung with Maddie, who flew in the car seat.

Papa and Hunter hung out. Hunter took a catnap in Papa's lap while getting scratched!

And Sweet Audrey napped and nursed on and off on me. Talk about an EASY trip with 3 kids!

I'm so glad Papa and Vivi came up for a visit and timed it perfectly with our flight home for Thanksgiving. What a fun weekend!

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