Sunday, November 4, 2012

Madison 2.5

Oh Maddie Moo. You are too precious.

I love the age you are at right now. You are so fun and SO unique. You are definitely not lacking in personality! You love to make people laugh. You say the funniest things, I love the way you mispronounce words, the expressions you use and stories you tell. I have been trying to keep a list of mispronounced words for the past few months because I know I will look up VERY soon and realize you no longer say them wrong. You are growing up entirely too fast. You learn new things every day. You are a sponge.

You say:

"Mommy, I need to put on my wakeups!" (make-up). - You love to pretend to get ready along side of me in the mornings. You're my little side kick.

"I go have Quayt tine!!!?" (quiet time) You ask me if you can go to bed at nap time. You love to sleep. You get really excited and giggle when it's time for bed or nap. You do your little billy goat giggle and kick your legs and say "mommy I wanna be dark!" which means you want me to turn out the lights. You usually nap from 12-3ish everyday (at the same time as Audrey). You call it Quiet time because Hunter no longer naps but instead has quiet time in his room and you want to be like Hunter in every way possible.

"Mommy I have chalkit bar and chalkit milk!" (chocolate). You ask EVERY single morning for the same thing. The chocolate bar is an organic green energy bar that you love.

Other words I love:

Wonge (orange)
Gwubs (gloves)
We-pad (ipad)
Wudy (lovie)
cotch (couch)
Jellwy (jelly)

And so many more that I can't think of.

You are still fearless. You must be made of rubber because you try the craziest stunts and fall all the time in the process but you get up and literally dust your hands or knees or whatever you land on and then run off to do it again. You love to rough house and play chase with Hunter. You tackle each other and ask each other to chase. You love to do anything Hunter is doing. During our morning preschool time you are not content to be doing your own work. You want to do exactly what Hunter is doing down the using the same pen, scissors, book etc. that he is using.

I love your perma-smile. You LOVE life.

You love to count and when I ask you how many there are you ALWAYS say 8,9,10, 11, 12!!! You always start at 8 which is hysterical and makes Hunter laugh. He is always correcting you. I can hear you playing together and Hunter is always correcting things you mispronounce or misuse. You know your colors and when asked you say your favorite color is pink. You know your abc's and can write the first 3 letters of your name and draw a heart! You also love to color and paint too.

You are my little side kick and helper. You help me with whatever I am doing. You love to clean and help me load the dishwasher, do laundry and sweep the floor. If I am doing anything that involves Audrey you are one step ahead. You get her clothes, diapers, wipes, paci, toys blanket whatever it is you see the need and you take care of it before I even ask! You will be a good little momma one day.

It occurred to me a few months ago that you did not know how to self entertain. Being the middle child you are never without a playmate! I started "room-time" a few months ago for you to learn to play alone in small increments and now you love it! You play alone for 20-30 minutes in your room during room-time and then sometimes after preschool time you ask to go play in your room again. You usually play pretend with your dolls. You take care of them, bathe, dress and feed them and then play with Hunter's trains and cars.

You and Hunter love to play "bed time" you put each other down for bed and say your prayers and then begin to "sleep". I caught you guys playing bedtime on the dining room chairs the other day.
You also love to hide. When daddy comes home from work you and Hunter always rush to hide so you can jump out and scare him. As soon as the garage door opens you both run and hide under the dining room table (which is right by the door) and you wait until he opens the door (same place every single day) Hunter is silent and stealthy but you just cannot stop giggling and talking. Hunter will tell you "you have to be quiet Maddie" but you just can't do it! It is absolutely precious to watch!

You are constantly talking. Your mouth NEVER stops moving. You give a daily run down of what every one is doing and what you plan on doing, have done, are doing, will do etc. When you go to bed you spend a good 30 minutes talking and singing to yourself with a lot of enthusiasm before drifting off to sleep.

You are independent with dressing from head to toe and pottying. You stay dry every night and I can't remember the last time you had an accident day or night. You haven't wet the bed since you potty trained when you turned 2. You go to bed at 6:30pm and wake at 7:00am. We take you to potty at 10pm before we go to bed and I'm fairly certain you are mostly asleep during that too except that you talk the entire time (even with your eyes closed!).

You love to play with shoes. You spend a good portion of the day in the shoe closet trying on everyone's shoes. 

You are 28 pounds and wear size 3T clothes for height but 2T clothes for girth. You are tall and lanky and really hard to find clothes for! The only thing that works for you are leggings and a top because most things are either too short or way too big and falling off of you. You are the tiniest thing ever.

You are SO happy. You are a joy to be around because of your pleasant mood. You always have a smile on your face and you always find the good in things. You tell me every day that my hair is "so bootiful". You say "oh! I love you hair! It's so bootiful! Can I touch it?!" You play with it and then kiss my cheek and say "I feel better". When you get hurt you come tell us that you need a kiss but then you kiss us and say "I feel better". If ask what happened or what hurts and you name the thing that hurt you by saying "the floor hurts" instead of I hurt my leg on the floor. I love that.

Your cuteness factor is THROUGH the ROOF right now. I just love to watch you play and do things. You have had a VERY mild "2" phase so far. You have a lot of control of your emotions especially for a girl and ESPECIALLY for a 2 year old. If and when you have a meltdown you are very easy to redirect and/or get you out of it. We say "uh oh Maddie are you whining?" and you will stop throw your hands in the air and say "I happy!!!!"

You are just so unique. You have so much spunk and personality. 

You act so much older than you are that I forget sometimes that you are just 2.5. 

You love to be outside or be going some where. You get so excited at the slightest mention of getting in the car. We could be going to get gas or an oil change and it would be the most exciting thing in the world to you.

Clearly I love your hair in pigtails. You are so adorable. You love to wear bows. Before I am even done fixing your hair you are digging through the bow drawer picking out what bows you want to wear. 

You love Audrey. You are so sweet with her. You talk to her and tell her "it's okay!!" when she fusses. You are such a little momma. I love to watch you in the rear view mirror of the car. You make eyes at Audrey the whole time we are in the car. You talk to her and try to entertain her. You are ever the entertainer.

Every night before bed we do the Lord's prayer together. You are almost independent, minus a few words here and there. I just love to hear your sweet voice pray.

You are such a joy to parent. I often find myself watching you and wishing I could see the world through your eyes. You are so happy and joyful and life is so fun for you! You are SO precious! We love you so much sweet Maddie moo, all the way to the moon and back. 


Brittnie said...

Love her pigtails and I LOVE that she talks with her eyes closed during her 10pm potty time. Ha!

Becky said...

What a cutie! Do you remember that I loved to put your hair in pigtails, too? She has soooo much personality! Can't wait to see her in a week.