Monday, November 5, 2012

Hunter 4.5

Where do I begin?! You are such a little man now Hunter.

You have a depth to you to you like I never expected. You are a thinker and a learner. You are the ultimate adventure seeker. You love the idea of going on adventure, just like your daddy. It doesn't have to be anything special but you love to explore new things and new places.

When you meet new people or go to new places where there are a lot of people you are somewhat of an introvert at first. You are shy upon meeting someone until they gain your trust. Once they make it into your "inner circle" they are there for life and you absolutely ADORE them.

You recharge with alone time but being around people you adore makes you happier than anything and makes you hyper and excited. You are tender hearted and loyal. You are observant and notice the little things that are good about people and point them out. You tell me daily what you love about Madison or Audrey. When Madison does something funny you say "she's so cute mommy".  You are such a good big brother. You take care of and protect Madison and Audrey. You LOVE to snuggle Audrey. You both are big snugglers.

You act so much older than you are. Lately when your dad or I spend time alone with you we can't help but notice how grown up you act. You tell stories and carry on converations. You talk about things you love, you ponder why things are the way they are. You soak up new information and you have an incredible memory. You remind me a lot of your dad in the way that you remember really random (to me) information. Stuff most 4 year olds probably don't know or even care to know interests you. I am so impressed with your memory because it's WAY better than my own. It shows me how intelligent you are! You love to learn and you ask me every morning if we can start school yet. You can read and write sight words and you have fun doing it. You love to add and subtract and will ask me to ask you those things when we are out and about.

You have an acute sensitivity to your environment. You are "tuned in" to what is going on around you. Your keen awareness stimulates curiosity, which in turn stimulates learning. You care. You are bothered when another person hurts. You have empathy. You have great discernment, especially for your age, and you are able to consider the effects of your behavior on the feelings of others. You have the ability to think through what you are about to do which is quite impressive for a 4 year old! You are so unique and so smart!

Your love languages right now are physical touch, quality time and words of affirmation. You love to be scratched, cuddled, held or just have an arm around you. You crave eye contact and when I catch your eye from across the room with a slight smile on my face you immediately tell me "I love you so much mommy". When we snuggle you can't stop talking about how much you love it or love me. Your cup runs over with love! You are also a words of affirmation kid. At night as I tuck you in I scratch your face and tell you all my favorite things about you. I tell you about your day and all the things you did that made me so proud and so happy. You lay there and smile and soak it all in. My favorite thing is that when I tell you these things you say "I know" :) and then "I just love you mommy!"

You have pretty much given up naps at this point and I'm not sure your body is quite ready. We can occasionally get you to take a nap with some sort of incentive or positive reinforcement but you love the alone time of playing quietly during quiet time that you fight sleep in order to get it. The afternoons are more difficult as a result because you are overtired. You go to bed early at 6:30pm on those days and fall to sleep within seconds! You wake up happy and ready to go by about 5:45-6:15am the next day. BUT you play quietly in your room until 7:00am when you clock turns green!

You are a VERY picky eater. You don't like casseroles or things that are mixed up. You like everything to be separated out so you can see each ingredient. You ask about each thing I serve and what is in everything you eat. You say funny things all the time like "I like strawberries but not to eat only to lick", or "I like carrots but I'm not going to have any today" (there has yet to be a day where you wanted carrots so I'm not sure why you are trying to convince anyone that you like them). You do NOT do beans of any kind. Beans are a deal breaker....not to be found in any foods. Sauce is questionable. If it has any sort of spice or flavoring you won't eat it. You love oranges, apples bananas with peanut butter honey and cinnamon on them. You like broccoli and corn but HATE potatoes they make you gag (and I know my potatoes are yummy so I think it's a texture thing). You love chicken of all kinds and your favorite meal is big breakfast or pizza.

You are still into cars and trains right now but lately have been wanting to play games and do puzzles. You usually come down after an hour or so of quiet time and we play games together just the two of us. You love angry birds (on the ipad and the board game) and I am SO impressed with the structures you can build! You also love to ride your bike and play catch. You ride your bike when we go for walks and you tell me you are exercising and then you show me your muscles after we are done because "exercising makes you strong". When we leave the gym you always ask to see my muscles since I am "stronger since I just exercised". You are too adorable.

You and daddy like to go fishing together or mudding in the truck. Daddy takes you and Madison to the park a few times a week or to throw rocks in the river. You love to spend time alone with daddy (and with me).

You are growing up too fast. I have moments with you all the time where I find myself being nostalgic and wanting to press just press pause and just grab you in my arms and never let go. I look at you and I can just picture you years older, a young man.  I will look at you all grown up but I will still see this little precious 4 year old boy that you are today... SO innocent and so wholesome.

I am scared to blink because my time with you is slipping away every day. I am going to miss these moments so much.

I love you so much Hunter, all the way to the moon and back. 

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Becky said...

What a precious boy! I love the way you describe him and had to laugh at the description of his food issues. I must say, though, it is vastly improved over a couple of years ago! I can't wait to see him Thanksgiving!