Monday, November 5, 2012


My cousin Christine came in town this past weekend for a fun girls weekend! She came in on Friday night and left Sunday night. 

The kids loved having her! They swarmed her every chance they got. 

Saturday morning she and I went to see George Washington's estate at Mount Vernon.

His tomb

This is the back of the house that looks out over the Potomac river

The property was so neat. There were HUGE trees everywhere. This one said it was from Circa 1800's

This is the front of the house

On Sunday we went to Jordan's game and then she went back to Nashville. It was so good to have her here and get to spend time with her again! Unfortunately I was sick AGAIN! It hit the hardest on Saturday afternoon and lasted through the night (fever, aches, chills). The last time she was in town was the last time I was sick! I feel terrible that it keeps working out that way. She was a huge help, as always, and it was so nice to have her!

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