Saturday, November 3, 2012

Audrey 7 months old

Wow Audrey you are 7 months old and you are too cute for words! I had a hard time not posting the 1,000 pictures that I have taken of you over the past month so I posted my favorite 23. That's almost one for everyday of the month, that's how obsessed I am with you. For every picture I chose there are 40 other ones just like it taken seconds apart. I could just eat you up!

You have been busy this month. You are really getting into standing and jumping right now. You TEAR UP the jumper. When I pick you up you continue the jumping motion in my arms, on my lap,  when you are in bed putting yourself to sleep. It cracks me up!

You have dealt with one thing after the other this month but you are still just as sweet as ever. We spent many a nights sleeping right here together so I could hear you breathe. You had croup for the first time this month and I stalked you and your oxygen saturation like crazy. The worst of it hit the night hurricane Sandy hit the coast. I stayed awake most of the night holding you so you could breathe, checking your saturations and weighing the risk of wether I should take you in for breathing treatments once the worst of the storm had passed. I ended up taking you outside numerous times to help open your airways and then first thing the next day we went to the doctor and got you some steroids and a nebulizer. You perked right up!

You also got a little too used to sleeping with mommy :) you protested going back to your bed after the croup was gone. THEN round 4 of THRUSH set in (Lovely) AND your two front teeth and a raging ear infection. Whew! Poor baby! As I write this you are fast asleep in your own bed after your first normal nap day in as long as I can remember. Hoping you have a good night too because I am ready to sleep again! It's ok if you don't because as tired as it makes me I really do love the snuggles all alone in your room in the wee hours. You are such a snuggle bug.

This is it...right here. THIS is what it's all about. 

I could hold you forever

I can see it in your eyes you want to feel better, you want to smile and play and laugh. You are such a trooper and are always a joy to be around even on the tough days. This year is going by WAY too fast. I don't want to miss these snuggles :) 

I LOVE the way you look up at me when we snuggle. 

I'm not the only one itching to be with you.

You have an entire fan club

There's that smile 

You are THE happiest baby

You love to be outside and would play out there all day in your exersaucer

You have mastered the art of the scoot and roll to get around.

I lay you down to play and come back and you are off your matt and under the coffee table or clear across the rug.

You started reaching out for me this month which is one of my FAVORITE milestones. You also know your name. You turn to look at us when we say your name. I sing your name song to you before bed every night in a series of 3 songs (I love you a bushel and peck, Audrey Ann, and I love you forever) and you just stare up at me with the biggest smile on your face. You LOVE it when I sing to you and when I scratch. You get really still when I scratch your face. When I scratch your arms, legs or back you lean into it so I can hit just the right spots. SO ADORABLE.

I love to sneak in when you are sleeping and watch you. Your little booty is always up in the air with your arms and legs pulled tightly in. When you wake up you roll over and play until I come to get you. You are SUCH a happy baby!

Your bottom 2 teeth are quite prominent now and you chew on EVERYTHING. Your top 2 are cutting this week.

You love to chew on the computer. It's hard to listen to that awful sound of those beaver teeth scratching against the aluminum but you REALLY seem to like it. 

You nurse at 5:00am, 7:30am, 11:00am, 2:30pm and 6:00pm. You take 3 naps a day but many days it's just 2. You get up around 7:00am, eat breakfast, nap from 9:00-10:30am, eat lunch at 11:00am, nap from 12:30-2:30pm, nap again (sometimes) from 4:30-5:00pm, eat dinner at 5:30pm, and nurse for bed at 6:00pm, and you are asleep by 6:30pm. Except on days where you skip the 3rd nap you are in bed by 5:45/6:00pm. Most nights you go to bed 6:00/6:30pm and wake up around 5am for a quick one side feed and then go back down till I wake you up at 7am. If I let you go you would sleep until 8:30am.

***We won't discuss how far you deviated from this wonderful schedule when you were sick...I am not certain I can actually remember it all. It's all a fog of about a 2 week span of very little much less sleep than newborn days. I felt so bad for you at night and held you while you slept so many nights. During the days I would pound caffeine to stay awake so I could take care of your big brother and sister and I remember thinking to myself so many times if I sit down I will fall asleep, if I blink my eyes they may not open back up! But you are worth it :)

I love you sweet girl. All the way to the moon and back. You bring so much joy to our lives, SO much sweetness. You just need to slow down on this growing up stuff. I still need my sweet Audrey snuggles!


Brittnie said...

Oh my goodness I love this. . . love her smile. . . love that hat. . . so sweet. Miss you!

Becky said...

You were such a sickly baby, too! It brings back such memories. And now, you are a wonderful mommy! I will need some serious Audrey time next week.

Ashley Locke said...

I love all of these posts Ash!!! Love, love. Wish I could come visit your sweet family my dear friend. Love you.