Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Presidential Election

It's neat to be in DC during an election year. Jordan was asked to help out with the Romney Campaign during the last few weeks before election day. He made a few appearance and spoke to supporters and campaigners (I swiped these pics off the internet).

The night before election day Romney made one last stop in Virginia at George Mason University.  We were given VIP passes to go to the Rally! We had the option of sitting behind him and being on camera or standing in front of him in the PIT. We chose the front so we could get some good pictures!

It was such a neat experience that we wouldn't have otherwise gotten if we hadn't been living here during election year!

The next morning I took the kids with me to vote. After all Virginia is a battleground state!

and the rest is history :)

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Ashley Locke said...

That's awesome guys!! Way cool that Jordan got asked to speak!