Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Smithsonian National Zoo

Yesterday we met Nicole Considine and her crew at the Smithsonian National Zoo in DC. Sean is playing for Baltimore this year which is only about an hour from us so I was SO excited to know that we could meet up whenever we want! We haven't seen them since they had the triplets last year. In fact the last time we saw them Nicole had just found out she was pregnant and thought it was twins! Our crew has grown by 4 kids since our last time of seeing each other in January 2011.

Madison (2.5), Caden (5), and Hunter (4.5). These 3 had a blast together! Hunter and Caden picked right up where they left off almost 2 years ago. Madison did her best to keep up with them and they were so sweet to include her!

Hadley (14mo) and Audrey (6mo) 

Cohen (14mo)

Corbin (14mo)
 This was Nicole's first time to meet Audrey and it was my first time to meet the triplets

 The boys had fun planning our day out

 They look so much older now.
These two were 1.5 and 2yo when they first met.

We stayed for 4 hours and had so much fun. They played and played and played and then they all 3 passed out on the drive home.

I took this picture so I could remember this...I have never seen gas prices this high. As I was leaving DC I noticed my tank had 40 miles to empty. The drive to our house was 45 miles away. I was about to get some gas and saw this and just decided to pull a "Kramer" and risk it. I made it back to Leesburg where the prices are $3.85. CRAZY

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heather said...

Seems like y'all are having so much fun! The DC area suits y'all! Well, minus the $5.89 gas prices...Crazy!