Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Rebekah was in town this past weekend for a home game. We got a sitter for the kids Saturday morning and did a segway tour of the National Mall in DC. As Rebekah put it "History is A LOT more fun on a Segway"!

WE HAD A BLAST. Seriously so much fun. It was a 2 hour tour. We thought we were going to kill ourselves on those things at first but we got the hang of it and ended up having so much fun!


White house

The kids LOVED having her here

Love this picture

We took the kids on a hike to see the Potomac overlook....this picture does not do justice what we had to do on this "hike". There were some pretty hairy spots we got into with just me and Rebekah to get the kids through!

We went to the park the morning of the game

Ugh she is so absolutely precious

morning snuggles are the best!

Game day! Go daddy!

Little girls are so much fun! Rebekah had fun braiding Maddie's hair. 

Little Sass :)

Cutie patootie

We always love it when Rebekah comes! Can't wait to see her again in a few weeks!

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