Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lumpy Pumpkin

I told the kids we would go pick up some fall decorations this morning. Hunter was beyond excited, he is always up for crafts. He told me he wanted to make a pumpkin like he made when he was 2 in the "Florida house" with Vivi. I wasn't sure what he was talking about (I have the worst memory ever...also the reason I have this blog because-- it is my memory). I asked him what it looked like and he said "I'll show you it's easy." 

We got to the store and I picked up some things I wanted to put on the porch. I got a few small pumpkins for the kids to decorate and then Hunter went and found this lumpy pumpkin and said "here mom this is just like the one me and Vivi did in the "Florida house". Then he said "now we need some paper, colors and glue. We can find some hair outside". I was still clueless as to what he is talking about but I knew I had those supplies at the house. 

We came home and I let him tell me how to make our pumpkin. He specifically said it needed purple and yellow eyes, and a long foil nose and eyebrows. As he was describing it the memory started coming back of the little project he and Vivi did one fall weekend in Florida. I remembered the Culwells being there too and taking a picture of him and Vivi working on the pumpkin. I quickly pulled up my pictures from the fall of 2010 when he was 2.5 and found them! It was EXACTLY as he had described. I pulled up my blog and sure enough I had pics on the blog too! (see even with the blog my memory is bad!). I could not believe how detailed his memory was from when he was 2.5! Just goes to show they remember the little things :) Here is my blog post from that weekend.

We decorated the pumpkin during his "quiet time" while the girls napped

He went outside with scissors and found some hair. He said "it's not like Vivi's pumpkin but it's ok". He fixed the hair on top of the pumpkin and then picked a place for "lumpy pumpkin" (which he named her) to go.

Front and center on the porch
So precious

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Christine said...

What sweet fall memories that you are making with your sweet kids! Hunter did a great job on the pumpkin!