Wednesday, October 3, 2012

6 months old

And just like that...half a year...GONE

Why must you grow up so fast?

It's been a busy month for you sweet girl. Aside from the move across country, you really blossomed this month. For one you started solid foods which you seem to LOVE. Daddy thinks you may be our best eater yet (as far as baby stage goes). Your first meal was broccoli bits, mum mums (your fav) and water in a sippy. You had that mum mum eaten in about 3 minutes flat. You had no problem with the sippy cup and ever since your first taste of real food you've been begging for it every day since. 

You love toasted bread

Your favorites seem to be apples, sweet potatoes, and bananas. I made pot roast, carrots and mashed purple potatoes tonight and you tried the carrot bits and purple potatoes and made a face at the carrots but seemed to like the potatoes. 

Madison is LOVING that you eat now. She wants to be a part of every one of your meals. She gets you your spoon,  a napkin, your bib she always quick to give you a sip of water here and there and she tries to sneak food into your mouth to "help" you along. 

You love pizza crust too. Madison was nice enough to share hers with you last night. 

You love floor time wether it's on a blanket where you can play with your feet and watch Hunter and Madison play near by or on your floor mat. You pull on the toys hanging over head and bat at them and make them swing. Hunter is a pretty big fan of yours...always 2 feet away and always wanting to snuggle you. Anytime you are awake you have 2 siblings fighting for time with you. They absolutely ADORE you. We all love Audrey snuggles. You are SUCH a snuggle bug. You love to be held but you play alone well too if you are fed and not tired. You love to watch and you are so alert. The comments I get the most from strangers is 1. how alert you are 2. how strong your eye contact and grip are 3. how happy/content/easy you are. 4. and of course how adorable you are. You draw so much attention wherever you go. Everyone wants to love on you and ooh and ahh over you. 

You and Hunter and Madison dress up on game days and watch daddy play. Hunter and Madison think it's hilarious to see you sit up or stand up after watching you be horizontal all of your life. They always ask me to stand you up or let you sit up. You have good strong standing legs and love to be in the jumper and exersaucer. You sit up well with support and topple over when you start looking too far in one direction.

You are too cute for words

You are such a good baby, always so happy.

You love to swing at the park. You always have the biggest grin on your face with each push.

You are pretty chill. In the mornings you kick back and watch cartoons with Hunter and Madison while they eat breakfast.
They fight over who gets to sit next to you so you're always in the middle

Bath time is fun. You love to splash around and kick the water. You have always loved bath time just like your sibs!

Things I want to remember about you...

You weigh 16 pounds 11 ounces (43%)
You are 27.5 inches long (92%)
You wear size 2 diapers and size 3 over nights
You wear size 6-9 month clothes
You sleep 11-13 hours a night (6:30pm-7ish am) some nights you wake to eat at 5:30am and then go back to sleep until 8:30am other nights you sleep from 6:30pm-7:00am and are up for the day.
You take 3 naps a day (1.5-2 hours each)
You nurse every 3-3.5 hours a day (roughly 5 times a day) and eat 3 solid meals a day

You giggle when I change your clothes
You LOVE to be puts you in a trance
You get really still and listen when I sing to you or whisper in your ear
You play with my hair and shirt when you nurse. You run your hand up and down my shirt or grab on to my hair and swing it back and forth.
You put yourself to sleep in your crib by rubbing your face in the sheets back and forth really fast right when I lay you down then you take both hands and paw at the sheets up and down as if you are feeling how soft the sheets are.
You play with your lovie (mostly chew on it)
You are loving your feet right now
When daddy tickles you you always curl up and roll to the right and stick your fist in your mouth as you laugh.
You anticipate being tickled
You respond to your name
You stare at daddy all through dinner every night
You bask in the attention of others and flirt away with strangers
You love your brother and sister and love it when they come talk to you
You babble and coo, sing notes and blow raspberries

You are the perfect baby in so many ways. I can't thank God enough for giving me the best surprise I've ever had. We love you more than you will ever comprehend. You are just the BEST!


Brittnie said...

She is so sweet. Did you skip the jarred baby food all together? Or did you try the jarred stuff before giving her pieces of "real food?"

AshlieB said...

Hey Britt!

I am kind of doing more of a baby led weaning approach. I did the standard mush baby food with Hunter and he didn't particularly care for it. He choked down each stage 1 and some of stage 2 before he wanted the real stuff. So he only did the puree for a month maybe...long enough to try them all with a few days between each new one. Madison I did a combo of real food and baby food was on the go when I didn't have time to prep. And Audrey I am doing more BLW (baby led weaning). It's so much easier to do BLW with subsequent kids because I am already so busy with the first 2 that spoon feeding her 3 times a day is more difficult then it was with the first. I'm not NOT going to do purees, but it's just easier to let her eat a portion of what we eat (still giving her a few days between new stuff). This is one of those things that you can follow the norm or do your own thing! Our pediatrician loved the idea when I talked to her about it yesterday and she said she did similarly with her kiddos!

AshlieB said...

more info :)

heather said...

Audrey reminds me so much of Madison! So cute! You are truly super mom!