Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Redskins vs. Colts Preseason trip

The last weekend in August Rebekah and I flew to DC with Hunter and Audrey in tow to see the first home preseason game. Jordan had been gone a month and we were all really missing each other. We made it a quick trip (overnight one night) and the kids did awesome. 

We all flew FREE on southwest (all 4 of us) I love southwest. We left early Saturday morning and flew into Baltimore (3 hours direct).

Rebekah was a huge help. She took care of Hunter and I handled Audrey pretty much the whole trip. It was a lot of fun to get to hang out with her all weekend. Reminded me of our fly in/out trip to NOLA last preseason. 

 This was Audrey's first plane ride! She did awesome as most 4 month olds do on planes. SUCH an easy age.

 Hunter fell asleep during the game which totally cracked me up because this kid (at that point) had gone 4 weeks without taking a nap. Pretty much as soon as Jordan left for DC he decided he had outgrown naps. But he was wiped out at the game. After a quick nap he perked right up and enjoyed the experience. It rained at the start of the game just a bit....but ended up being perfect weather. Not too hot or cold or sunny!
 Audrey wore earplugs and ate and napped the whole game.
 She did wake up for a little bit and flirted with everyone around us.
 We sat in the "stomping zone" so the earplugs were a MUST.
 We pointed daddy out to Hunter several times. Hunter remembered that he was number 60.
 We spent the night at the team hotel and got up the next morning and headed back to the airport. It was so great to see Jordan even though it was VERY brief. He was able to stay with us after the game and drop us at the airport so we got in more time than we had planned. He was SO glad to see us.

On the way back we ended up being delayed almost 4 hours. 2 Hours in the airport and then 2 hours ON THE PLANE. The kids did amazing but we could have done without the extra 2 hours being trapped on the runway on the plane. The 3 hour flight following the delay liked to never end. LONGEST DAY EVER.

We had plenty of ammo though to get the kids through it.

Madison didn't make the trip this time. I know Jordan was dying to see her too but I wasn't feeling very good and just didn't want to deal with a 2yo on a 3 hour flight and 4 hour game all in one day.....it's a LOT for a 2yo! She stayed home with our sitter and had a blast. I think she loved the one on one attention :)

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