Thursday, September 27, 2012

Home opener- Redskins vs. Bengals

Last weekend was the home opener against Cincinnati. I took Audrey with me this time and the big kids stayed home with a sitter. The sitter (Ashley) was so awesome! They loved her. She showed up with a bag full of activities they had never done and other things like bubbles, chalk and playdough that they love.  We are very low in the toy department so they were thrilled to have something new to do. After  naps they met up with the Cundiff kids that live down the street. They are 4 and 2 as well and their sitter and our sitter all walked down to the park for the afternoon. They had a blast! 

She said she didn't know what to do while they slept so she cleaned :D :D! I came home to 2 bathed kids tucked in their beds and a spotless house!

 Game days are LONG days here because the stadium is pretty far from where we live. The stadium is in Maryland on the other side of DC. Without traffic it's an 1 hour and 15 minute drive. With game day traffic it can be 2-2.5 hours if you're lucky! And that's both ways. So 4-5 hours of driving plus a 3.5 hour game, plus getting to the game early (by 2 hours that day) plus waiting for Jordan for an hour after the game. We were gone for 10 hours!

I rode with Nicole and a friend of hers to the game so that Jordan and i would only have one car to drive home in. We pulled into the player lot to park and I was going to put Audrey's carseat in Jordan's truck before the game since we would be riding home with him. I look over and there are 3 cops checking out his truck and taking pictures of the tires and lift.

 I guess they don't see those kinds of truck in these parts too often :) They are every where in Texas!

The day was gorgeous. Sunny and just the right temperature if you happen to be in the shade. We started off the game under an overhang in the shade and it was perfect weather. But we got booted out of those seats once the late arrivers showed up and we moved down a row into our seats in the sun. It started getting hot fast and I worried about Audrey getting sunburned.

I moved inside (in the club level) and watched most of the game from the comfy couch and giant screen TV. Nicole ended up coming in too (she's 33 weeks pregnant). Next time we are going to request the row behind where we sat if I have a kid with me so we can enjoy that shade and not worry about sunburns. I am sure I won't want the shaded seats come the December though.

Audrey slept on me most of the game. She's such a good baby.

A friend of mine took these pictures. Her and her husband had great seats on the 50 yard line right on the field. She got some great shots of Jordan (#60)

It was a fun day. We lost but Jordan played great. He ended up playing the whole game at left tackle and will most likely be starting next week! The Redskins home games are a lot of fun. They have a great fan base and lots of tradition.

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Brittnie said...

Sounds like a fun game day. . . all 10 hours of it! :)