Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dallas R&R - Labor Day Weekend

I decided at the last minute to go to Dallas for Labor Day Weekend this past weekend. NFL cut day was that Friday and I knew if Jordan made the team (which he did woohoo!) that this would be our last chance to go to Dallas until Thanksgiving. We went for a long weekend, Thursday through Tuesday. At this point I was pretty exhausted from taking care of 3 sick kids most of the month by myself while I was also sick. I just could not get ahead. I was in much need of some a little R&R&R (rest, relaxation and reinforcements). My mom told me to come stay with her so she could spoil me before we moved 1,500 miles away. I didn't hesitate :) 

Maddie played in Audrey's carseat while we were stopped to feed Audrey :) She looks GIANT
We managed to make the 4.5 hour trip with only one stop for the first time ever since traveling with 2 potty trained kids and one nursing baby. They even all fell asleep for about 45 minutes at the same time! Amazing.

Vivian had been wanting to spend some one on one time with each kiddo at some point this summer/fall so we worked it out that Hunter and Madison both got to spend the night over there one on one and a whole day to themselves with Papa and Vivi over the weekend. Friday morning my mom was off work and I had a hair appointment. I dropped Madison off at Vivi's when she woke up Friday and then Hunter and Audrey stayed behind with Nana while I got my hair done....first time out alone in over a month! 

When I got back I could not believe how easy it was to only have 2 kids and to have help with them again. I was able to rest so much on Friday and then Saturday Vivi wanted me to bring Hunter over so she could spend the day with them together. I kept Audrey since she was nursing. Again...could not get over how easy it was to have one kid with help! Especially when the one I had takes 3 naps a day and isn't mobile. Perspective. 

 I slept a ton that day and got a mani pedi with Nana (and Audrey in tow). I should mention Nana cooked for me all weekend too which that in and of itself is a treat!

 This girl is SUCH a sweet little baby. Love her to pieces. I could just eat her up.

 She passed out on Nana in the pedicure chair....JUST like her Nana always does :)

Meanwhile, back at Papa and Vivi's, Hunter and Madison were living it up!

Sweet girl 

After dinner Saturday night I went and picked up Madison before bed time so that Hunter could have his alone time with Papa and Vivi that night and the next day. On Monday we celebrated my parents birthdays with a little family cookout/party.

 Audrey found her favorite nap lap again. There is just something about that Nana. It could be that she has the best scratching hands ever and Audrey LOVES to be scratched. It puts her in a total trance.

Thanks to the reinforcements (grandparents) on both sides that let this momma get some much needed rest. I left a new woman ready to pack up for a 1500 mile move!


Ashley Locke said...

So fun Ash!! So glad you got to see them before you left!! :)

Brittnie said...

There is just something about grandparents. . . my mom has a total way of putting Clara in a complete sleep coma. I keep telling her she needs to come every night between 2-5am. :)

Sarah W. said...

You are such an amazing mom!!! Going for that many weeks on your own deserves awards.
I love reading what you all are up to.
What a great blessing to have such wonderful grandparents.