Monday, September 3, 2012

5 months old

Audrey you have really blossomed this month. You are quite the social butterfly. You squeal with delight when you get some good eye contact. You genuinely CRAVE it and I absolutely LOVE that. You really started "talking" a lot this month, well, more singing. You pick a note and hold it for an unbelievably long amount of time. It makes us laugh! Today you were jabbering away and put together 2 sounds that sounded perfectly like "ma-ma" I got super excited and shrieked in your face and asked you to do it again and you looked at me like I was a complete nut...which I am, so thanks for that. I am sure it will be a long long time before you put those two words together again since I probably scarred you for life with my reaction.

This has been a great month with you. It's been just me. Daddy has been in Washington all month in football camp. It's been a busy and tiring month because all 4 of us have been sick pretty much the whole time daddy has been gone. The lowest of lows was when you had an ear infection, fever, thrush and were cutting 2 teeth at the same time that I had a sinus infection and fever. You weren't sleeping well. Big brother and sister were also sick and weren't sleeping well either. There were a few nights that were ROUGH but your antibiotic kicked in and your ears cleared up. Your teeth are A-l-most through now and you are chewing on everything you can get your hands on which will hopefully help them finish cutting through. When you hit those teeth just right you let out a shriek in pain which breaks my heart.

THIS is the BEST.....snuggling you while you sleep (you weren't feeling too good)

You experienced quite a few firsts this month. You went on your first plane ride all the way to Washington DC to see daddy! You went to your first football game and stayed in your first hotel. You also rolled over from back to tummy (already did tummy to back a while back) and you started scooting all over the place. I put you down in one spot and come back and you are clear across the room facing the other direction and have rolled over a handful of times in the process. At night you like to sleep on your belly and you usually start at one end of the crib and by morning you are at the other end facing the opposite direction and rolled over on your back playing.

 I love love love your coos. You are quite the talker. You are obsessed with your feet. You are really liking chewable toys but your feet are by far your favorite thing. You are happiest on the floor playing with just your feet. You are SO ticklish. You belly laugh when I change your clothes. Something about me pulling your arm through your shirt is just too much for you to handle. If I was more coordinated I would try to get it on film but I may need a camera man to accomplish that.

Minus your week or 2 of being sick and teething this month you are still a great sleeper. After a rough week or two (we were just in survival mode) of doing whatever mommy could do to get some sort of sleep since it's just me here during the day, we had to do a reset on you to get you back to your old self.  One night of fussing/crying to go to sleep alone and you were back on track as you were before the chaos of sickness and teeth. You take 2-3 naps a day and sleep 11 hours + 2 hours at night. You go to bed between 6-7pm and wake between 5-6am for a quick feed then you go back to sleep until I wake you between 7-8am. The few times I have let you sleep in you go until 9am or so but since it throws off your nap times I usually start your day between 7-8am. Your morning nap is 1.5 hours and you take a big afternoon nap (3 hours) at the same time as Madison then sometimes you take a quick 3rd nap before dinner. I haven't started you on solids yet but you are pretty interested in food lately so we will probably pick that up soon. You nurse about 7-10 minutes every 2-3 hours all day until bedtime. You are super social right now so if I am not in a quiet room when you are nursing you spend just as much time sitting up and trying to look around as you do nursing. If we happen to make eye contact you start talking to me, blowing raspberries and smiling instead of eating (which I love about you by the way).

You are very tactile. You want to feel everything. When you nurse you play with my hair or your hair. You always reach for the words or letters on my shirt and try to grab them. You stroke the sheets as a way to soothe yourself to sleep at night you play with toys with precision. You love to be sitting up. When you are at a recline you immediately crane your neck to sit up. You sit up supported by your arms or by the boppy but still topple over at the turn of your head. You love to be worn in the BJORN or the BECO facing out so you can see around you. I wore you for 2 days straight on our trip to Washington and you loved every minute of it. The only other time I wear you is when we grocery shop. There just isn't enough room in the cart with 3 kids in it!

You weigh just under 16 pounds and are around 27 inches tall. You are wearing 6 months clothes (because of height). You still will take a paci but you aren't attached to it and chew on it more than anything. You don't need it to fall asleep so I don't push it. You take the occasional bottle but since dad hasn't been here there hasn't been much of a reason to. Nana did give you a bottle when we were in Dallas and you still took it just fine.

 Sweet precious baby

I say this every month but I think 5 months old is my favorite! You are so sweet and I am more and more in love with you each passing day. I pretty much stalk you when you sleep because you are just so precious! We love you Audrey Ann.


Brittnie said...

Love her big smiles!

Christine said...

She is just adorable! I think she has changed so much just in a few weeks since we were there! It's crazy in some pictures she looks so much like Hunter, and sometimes I see Maddie too. In the end she is just her own unique beautiful self, she does have those big eyes like Hunter! Love her!