Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend with Papa and Vivi

 Papa and Vivi drove down this weekend to spend time with the kids and help me out since Jordan is still gone. It was SO nice to have them here! The kids always have SO much fun when they are here. They are down on the floor playing with them the whole time just soaking up every minute with them.

Vivi joined them in the clubhouse and attempted to help get it cleaned up a bit. They loved having an extra playmate.

We went back to Rosenberg to check out the Bob's Taco Station. The Tonick's met us there for dinner. Having Papa and Vivi there was like being on vacation. I pretty much was off duty on the kid front. It was a nice outing! :)

Hunter had fun lovin on Audrey, as usual, at church on Sunday.

We attempted a group picture but there were a few too many distractions!

We came home and ordered in some lunch and put the kids down for naps. Papa and Vivi made Madison a bulletin board for her room and helped me put the finishing touches on arranging everything.

 They left after the kids woke up from naps on Sunday. Their visits are never long enough! We loved having them. This was a MUCH better group picture!

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