Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend with Nana and Pop

Nana and Pop came to Houston this weekend for my uncles 60th birthday party. They were originally suppose to spit time between my house and Adam's house but since Jordan is gone they decided to stay at our house the whole weekend to spend time with the kids and help me out :)

Pop ended up coming late so Nana came down by herself Thursday afternoon. Hunter and Madison woke up from their naps with a nice surprise! We had a great weekend and it was SO nice to have an extra pair of hands....well with my mom's stamina it's like having 5 extra pair of hands. I always tell her having her here is like having 2 of me. She somehow always manages to beat me to whatever I was planning on doing next. It was a much appreciated break from the routine and so fun to have her here to love on the kids!

Nana was also a HUGE help in taking all 3 to the doctor on Friday morning. Audrey had to get her 4 month shots and Madison and Hunter both had to be seen for ear infections and colds. I have taken all 3 alone but never when all 3 had to be seen and one had to get shots! Going alone would have been hard when it came time for Audrey's shots....the older two were SO done by then be had been there over an hour at that point. Good thing Nana was able to take them back out to the waiting room to play while we waited another 20 minutes for Audrey's shots. 

Afterwards we had to go to Nana's favorite sushi place we went there twice this weekend :)

Madison LOVES her some crazy irishman sushi from Azuma's (we do too)

We had to do "pretty toes" for Maddie

The kids swam most of the weekend, as usual and we ate dinner outside by the pool.

It was especially fun to go antiquing in Rosenburg. We got there when the shops opened at ate at the Old Time Soda Shop and headed back home for naps.

Hunter is still my snuggle bug. Ready to snuggle anyone willing to scratch however at 4.5 he has figured who the best scratchers are :) and Nana is on the TOP of my list.

I didn't get any pictures of Pop but he did end up coming late Saturday night and he spent all Sunday morning and afternoon doing some honey do things for me around the house since Jordan is gone. Nana and I had fun doing some decorating while she was here, some of which required some heavy lifting on Pop's part! Big thanks for coming down to hang out with us. We love y'all!

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