Monday, August 13, 2012

Madison's room

This summer Jordan and I decided that it was time to stop living temporarily and put down some roots in this house that we have owned for 5 years. We lived here 1.5 years before moving to Florida. We lived here only a few months before we realized we wouldn't live here long.  We never really did anything to make it personal because we knew we would be putting it on the market when he signed with a different team. We moved in a few weeks after getting pregnant with Hunter. Hunter wasn't even a year old when we left this Houston house and moved to Florida. We packed up the entire "contents" but left behind the furniture. It basically looked like a staged model home...looked as though someone could live there but all the drawers and closets were empty and there were no pictures up. We left it like that the whole time we were in Florida (2 years) and when we moved back from Florida it was still on the market so we didn't do anything to make it our own. When I was put on bed rest we took the house off the market with no plans of when we would put it back on. After having Audrey we decided it's time to stop living temporarily we have been back a year and half now so it's time to put down some roots here even though we have no idea what the future holds we might as well LIVE in this house. We have spent the summer re-doing the kids rooms and the guest room, painting the entire inside of the house (wow what an undertaking), we put in a built in outdoor grill and put in some landscaping outside. We still plan to re-do our bedroom floors (from carpet to hardwood) but Jordan taking off for Washington has put that little no BIG project on hold. 

Hunter said something today that made me laugh but was SO true it stung a little :) He said "mom when I turn 5 are all my Houston toys going to be in storage?" I literally laughed out loud and then went awe :( poor little dude. His life has been all over the place. He has lived in many places in his short life. He probably thinks it's normal to pack up the entire house every few months and put it in storage. Every time he asks where something is that he can't find he will say "is it in storage too?" Today he asked where all of his trains were....Um they are in storage buddy. That prompted his question about when he turns 5. I realized that he was 2 when we were in Florida. He hasn't seen some of his things in a LONG time!

Anyway, all that to say...that is precisely the reason we felt compelled to turn our guest rooms into REAL kid rooms...something we have never been able to do! It has been so fun!

This was Madison's room before we changed it up. It was one of our guest rooms and when we first moved back Hunter slept in this room. Once Madison crawled out of her crib she moved in to this room. We tried to keep the changes relatively cheap, not only because it really is still "temporary" so to speak but also because they are kids rooms.

I wanted to keep as much as I could so we decided to go a little crazy with the PAINT and keep the bed and bedding mostly the same. The headboard was Jordan's bed growing up. The curtains we already had up in that room. 

I love Tiffany blue so we went with Tiffany blue, black, white and a little splash of pink in there. I picked out the fabric for the bedskirt and pillows and Vivi just fixed the fabric right on top of her other's just pinned on top of the old bed skirt. The extra fabric was used to make some accent pillows.

My sister took the photos on the wall which I had blown up really big. The letters of her name were in her nursery as a baby (brown) we just spray painted them black. 

The dresser was just an old dresser probably from the 70's that has been painted white and distressed.

Papa Dwayne and Vivi made her little bulletin board out of some left over fabric from her skirt and pillows.

The ice cream table and chairs was actually Madison's great grandmothers (Vivian's mom). She passed away in May. Papa Dwayne pulled it down from the attic when we were home for the memorial and he repainted and refinished the table and chairs to go with the colors in her room.

 And last but certainly not least...this is my favorite. Jordan painted this crown on a GIANT hand. In the crown it says "Daughter of the King" (King being God). Love Love Love this part.

Madison LOVES her new room. She always says "OHH pretty BLUE" every single time we go in there. I can see the excitement she has to have something of her very own :) What a fun little project! 

Side note: I realize it's not really a "little" girls room. But I am not really into themes or super kid looking type things for decor. I thought this would be something that would grow with her for quite a while at least until she has an opinion on how she wants her room. 


Brittnie said...

I LOVE it. Looks awesome! What a fun project especially when you are repurposing items you already have.

heather said...

LOVE it Ash! And I totally am the same when it comes to themes and super kid-looking rooms. So cute!

Kia said...

Such an adorable room!!! The artwork that Jordan did is amazing!!! Love it!

AmandaWalker said...

Beautiful! I love the painting and the colors.

Sarah W. said...

LOOOOOVVVVE this!!! It is so classic and beautiful. You have such great taste!