Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hunter's Room

For Hunter's room we decided to turn our media room back into a bedroom, as it was originally intended to be. Our builder had this room as a 5th bedroom when we built the house. When they were still framing we told them to make it into a media room since we had no kids and Jordan like the idea of using it for his media room instead. Reality is we rarely used it. Now that we have 3 kids we wanted to switch it back to a bedroom so we could preserve the 2nd master bedroom that's upstairs as a guest suite.

The room as a media room

The process of changing it over could have been more complicated but we decided to go the easy route for now and just add a door back in to the bathroom that was suppose to connect to this room. We had them close it off when we used it as a media room so that we could put the chairs on that wall without covering the bathroom. Now that it's a bedroom again having a door to the bathroom was much more important. For now we left the extra built in subwoofer and speakers and outlets (so basically all of the wiring for a media room). Rather than redo or patch all the dry wall we just left it and decorated around it. If we stay here we could always turn it back to a media room later by putting the projector back up. 

When my dad was here he helped put the door back in and add the tile to bring it flush to the carpet.

View from the bathroom into the media room/Hunter's room

View from Hunter's room into the bathroom

Since Hunter could walk he has been obsessed with things that move. Especially cars. I've said before I'm not really into "kid" looking know Disney, plastic type stuff. I wanted to give Hunter a unique room that he would love without compromising my style :) Something I can get away with since he's only 4! 

I hit up Hobby Lobby when they had their 50% off sale on the antique car decor. I bought some things to go on his wall and then we began scheming what to do with colors and headboard and paint. I wanted to go as cheap as possible so we kept the color brown and the curtains red. The throw pillows I already owned and the bedspread I bought online. It's meant to look like tire treads it's zig zag. Jordan made the headboard to look like a really old garage door. 

Jordan painted this 3D looking road coming right at Hunter's bed (which is directly across from this wall) with a car driving down it. It amazes me how fast he did this. I was gone one afternoon and I came home to THIS! The grey, yellow and white paint were just samples from home depot so it was super cheap too.

The desk was in Jordan's room when he was growing up. I repainted it black and distressed it a few years ago when we lived in Kansas city. There is also a chest of drawers (in Hunter's closet) that was Jordan's that is painted and distressed just like the desk. Since Hunter loves to draw and do projects like his daddy I felt like the desk was a better fit for him in the room than the chest of drawers. Having both of those big pieces in the room looked a little crowded so the chest is in the closet. The chair in front of the desk I got in a series of 6 chairs for $8 at an antique auction about 8 years ago.

Nana made Hunter this quilt. It was actually the inspiration I used for the room. She makes all of her grandchildren a baby quilt (Hunter's was trains and used to hang in his nursery) and a big kid quilt. She made this a few months ago before we decided to re-decorate. It makes a great throw at the foot of his bed for some added color. We already had HUGE red black out curtains from when it was a media room so it was easy to count red as one of his colors. I chose the bedding to have some yellow in it because of the quilt too.

A close up of some of the Hobby lobby finds.
 I love this old looking gas pump.

Another little gas pump and old truck. I love that this pump actually comes off like a real one. 

Hunter LOVES his room. It's his favorite place to be now. He did have a big chest of toys at the foot of his bed but the other day he packed them all up and moved them out saying "mommy I don't need toys anymore, I'm 4.5 so I'm big enough now." Love that kid :)

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heather said...

Love the headboard!! And all the vintage decor! May have to recruit Jordan to paint for us one day! Great job on yet another room!