Sunday, August 19, 2012

Girls weekend in Houston

This past weekend the Bentons and Niswangers came to Houston for a girls weekend. Amber came down Thursday night when Christine and Brody were still in town and I was so glad we were able to all spend time together. It's always neat when 2 of you best friends can meet and spend time together. It's like 2 worlds colliding. 

I still wasn't feeling well when she arrived and she immediately took over with Audrey who also wasn't feeling well. I hadn't slept very much that week and she was so nice to offer to take the night shift with Audrey while she was in town. I didn't take her up on it but it was still so sweet to offer!

Patricia and her girls, Emory and Ava Grace, came in Friday morning. John Carter stayed behind with Rudy which meant Hunter was the ONLY boy in the house of 9 girls!

We took to the kids to eat and play at chick fil a one morning.

 The kids loved doing crafts together.

 Dinner was always fun. Hunter is quite the entertainer for the ladies :)

They had a blast swimming every chance they got.

 We had a fun weekend and always enjoy getting together. We can't wait until next time!

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