Friday, August 17, 2012

Christine and Brody

Christine and Brody came down this week for a visit. We already had this trip planned before Jordan left for Washington but after he left I was even MORE excited that she was coming because it would help pass the time that we are here alone. I LOVE getting together with Christine. I hadn't seen her since having Audrey so it was neat to get to introduce them to each other. Brody has grown up SO much since their last visit. He is 2 now and is such a sweet boy. He is full of life and personality and it was so neat to see Christine in mom mode. She is such a good mom and such a natural at it. 

The kids loved having Christine and Brody here too. I loved having Christine here although you may not be able to tell because of the major LACK of pictures! I felt soo bad, literally. I was sick pretty much the whole time they were here. I've had the same cold the kids had the past few weeks but mine was just not going away. At some point this week it was obvious it had turned into a sinus infection because I suddenly started feeling MUCH worse. It didn't help that Audrey was having a tough week too (which I later found out is because of 2 new teeth!). I was operating on very little sleep and felt sick, had no voice and was going to bed at like 9pm every night and dragging around all day....GREAT HOST HUH?!!! Christine was so great though and I was so glad to have them here even though I felt bad. It was nice to have some extra hands! I told her having her here was like having a wife :)

Thank you SO much for coming all the way to Texas to hang out with us! We had a blast and can't wait to get together again!

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Christine said...

Aww!!! We had so much fun with y'all too! You were a great host by the way!!