Friday, August 3, 2012

4 months old

Audrey you are 4 months already (insert sad face). I love you at 4 months old. I feel like every month I say this is my favorite, and that's because it is! You just get better and better and keep surprising me with how adorable and cute you are and I keep falling more in love with you every day. You are SO incredibly sweet. You LIGHT up with eye contact. You crave it. I can see your eyes searching, stretching, trying to get someone to look at you and then when they do you react with your whole body. You smile so big your head bobs back and you practically lose balance out of excitement...from just a look. Priceless.

Your laugh is contagious. It is most easily brought on by changing your clothes. You must be incredibly ticklish because every time I try to take a shirt off over your head you belly laugh. When I take your arms out of your sleeve, you belly laugh. If I kiss or rub your neck you belly laugh. You are such a happy baby.

People stop me in public all the time to look at you. They always say you are so beautiful and that your big blue eyes are your best feature. All of you kids get complimented on your big blue eyes but you being the baby well every one loves to ooh and ahh over you and you soak it up.

You seem to REALLY like Hunter. He LOVES you. He talks to you all the time and loves to try to get you to smile. You give him lots of good smiles and you talk to him a lot, which he loves. He likes to tell me what you are doing in the car. You sit in front of him so he has a straight shot to be able to see your face. You both keep each other occupied. Madison loves to give you kisses and snuggles. She asked if you could sleep in her bed tonight when I put her down. She was rather disappointed that I said "not this time". But I'm sure you girls have plenty of slumber parties awaiting you in the future.

Your dad and I really thought you were our biggest baby so far. You LOVE to eat. You eat about every 2-3 hours all day long, it takes you about 15 minutes to eat. You take a 4 hour stretch between feeds during your big nap of the day and then in the evenings you jump to eating every 2 hours. Your little thighs have gotten really squishy the last month or so. We were surprised when the doctor told us you only weighed 14 pounds (50%) because that actually makes you our SMALLEST 4 month old so far. At 4 months Hunter was 15 pounds 5 oz and Madison was 14 pounds 12 ounces. You were 26 inches tall which is 97% for height which is the same height your siblings were at 4 months.

You are a good sleeper. Most of the time you sleep 11 hours wake up to eat a quick snack and then go down another 2-3 hours at night. During the day you take a 1.5 hour morning nap, a 3 hour afternoon nap and some days you take a short 45min-1 hour late afternoon nap. Lately I have been trying to get your bedtime to be at 7pm so that your 11 hour stretch will go to 6am, it usually works if I can keep you up until 7 but it all depends on what we have done that day and how good your naps were. If we are at home it's easy to keep you on schedule but at 4 months your naps on the go are much harder and much shorter then they are at home. Your big brother and sister don't let you sleep very long in the car because they have ONE volume :) You are usually happy either way, even if you only get a 20 minute cat nap you are still in a great mood (so long as you have eaten).

Shortly after turning 3 months old you started rolling over from tummy to back. You sleep on your tummy so this was a great maneuver for you to learn. Now that you roll over you wake up talking and chatting and you roll over and kick around and play until I come get you. If I go to your room and you are awake but on your tummy you are usually fussy and will go back to sleep with a paci. Rolling over to play signals end of nap time for you :) OR a good morning! The exception is the few times you rolled over in your sleep on accident in the middle of the night. You have woken me up a handful of times the past month to sounds of a party going on in your crib at 1am. Sometimes when you stretch you accidentally roll over and then you can't get back to your belly so you start playing...even at 1am. Good news for me is you go back to sleep quickly once you are back on your belly.

This was the most recent 1am roll over. You were so cute I had to take a picture :) You went right back to sleep when I flipped you over.

Of all your baby items you love the jumper the most, you get bored easily with the exersaucer, the bumbo is fun for a few minutes, the floor mat lasts a good while but the jumper you seem to really enjoy the most. You also love to be in the BJORN and be held upright by me or daddy and you seem to love going on walks outside in the stroller.

You had your first swim this month and really liked the water. It's really hot outside and you usually are watching big bro and sis swim from under an umbrella with a giant box fan on you so I'm sure it felt good to actually get in the water. You also LOVE bath time and are all about kicking and splashing. 

You are in perpetual motion and want to be in a position where you can see what's going on. You like to be sitting up and if we have you at a recline you crane your neck as though you are trying to sit up. You drool all over the place and chew on your fists all day long (or a toy). You also found your feet but you don't get after them like you do your hands. 

 You and daddy have enjoyed watching the olympics together this summer

Madison LOVES your jumper. She secretly wishes she could be the one in there jumping...and she tries every single day.

Hunter and Madison LOVE to give you morning hugs. You are the first thing they ask about when they wake up and as soon as you finish eating they are itching to snuggle and play with you.

I tell you all the time "YOU are just the best." We love you so much. You are the sweetest baby ever. I love love love that God surprised us with YOU. You are just the BEST!


Brittnie said...

Oh how I long for an 11 hour stretch from Clara!! I call it a good night if I can get 6 hours straight. :) Baby steps I guess.

Ashley Locke said...

Four months!? Where did the time go!? My goodness!!