Tuesday, August 28, 2012


On the plane to Washington...

"mommy! How come I don't see God in the clouds?!"- Hunter

At chick fila yesterday...

"Hunter and Madison it's time to go, get your shoes on please!"

"Maddie when mommy tells you to do something you say yes ma'am and you do it!"- Hunter

"Mommy is daddy coming home yet?

"Not yet buddy he's still in Washington playing football"

"How come he has to play football ALL the time?"- Hunter

"Mommy is it quiet time yet? I like quiet time."--Hunter

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hunter's Room

For Hunter's room we decided to turn our media room back into a bedroom, as it was originally intended to be. Our builder had this room as a 5th bedroom when we built the house. When they were still framing we told them to make it into a media room since we had no kids and Jordan like the idea of using it for his media room instead. Reality is we rarely used it. Now that we have 3 kids we wanted to switch it back to a bedroom so we could preserve the 2nd master bedroom that's upstairs as a guest suite.

The room as a media room

The process of changing it over could have been more complicated but we decided to go the easy route for now and just add a door back in to the bathroom that was suppose to connect to this room. We had them close it off when we used it as a media room so that we could put the chairs on that wall without covering the bathroom. Now that it's a bedroom again having a door to the bathroom was much more important. For now we left the extra built in subwoofer and speakers and outlets (so basically all of the wiring for a media room). Rather than redo or patch all the dry wall we just left it and decorated around it. If we stay here we could always turn it back to a media room later by putting the projector back up. 

When my dad was here he helped put the door back in and add the tile to bring it flush to the carpet.

View from the bathroom into the media room/Hunter's room

View from Hunter's room into the bathroom

Since Hunter could walk he has been obsessed with things that move. Especially cars. I've said before I'm not really into "kid" looking rooms....you know Disney, plastic type stuff. I wanted to give Hunter a unique room that he would love without compromising my style :) Something I can get away with since he's only 4! 

I hit up Hobby Lobby when they had their 50% off sale on the antique car decor. I bought some things to go on his wall and then we began scheming what to do with colors and headboard and paint. I wanted to go as cheap as possible so we kept the color brown and the curtains red. The throw pillows I already owned and the bedspread I bought online. It's meant to look like tire treads it's zig zag. Jordan made the headboard to look like a really old garage door. 

Jordan painted this 3D looking road coming right at Hunter's bed (which is directly across from this wall) with a car driving down it. It amazes me how fast he did this. I was gone one afternoon and I came home to THIS! The grey, yellow and white paint were just samples from home depot so it was super cheap too.

The desk was in Jordan's room when he was growing up. I repainted it black and distressed it a few years ago when we lived in Kansas city. There is also a chest of drawers (in Hunter's closet) that was Jordan's that is painted and distressed just like the desk. Since Hunter loves to draw and do projects like his daddy I felt like the desk was a better fit for him in the room than the chest of drawers. Having both of those big pieces in the room looked a little crowded so the chest is in the closet. The chair in front of the desk I got in a series of 6 chairs for $8 at an antique auction about 8 years ago.

Nana made Hunter this quilt. It was actually the inspiration I used for the room. She makes all of her grandchildren a baby quilt (Hunter's was trains and used to hang in his nursery) and a big kid quilt. She made this a few months ago before we decided to re-decorate. It makes a great throw at the foot of his bed for some added color. We already had HUGE red black out curtains from when it was a media room so it was easy to count red as one of his colors. I chose the bedding to have some yellow in it because of the quilt too.

A close up of some of the Hobby lobby finds.
 I love this old looking gas pump.

Another little gas pump and old truck. I love that this pump actually comes off like a real one. 

Hunter LOVES his room. It's his favorite place to be now. He did have a big chest of toys at the foot of his bed but the other day he packed them all up and moved them out saying "mommy I don't need toys anymore, I'm 4.5 so I'm big enough now." Love that kid :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hunter's first day of Pre-K

Today was Hunter's first day of school. He woke up an hour early (out of excitement) and played quietly in his room until I came and got him. He was ready to go before the girls even woke up for the day and asked if we could leave an hour before we had to...EXCITED MUCH?! We got to school on time and I walked into the classroom with the girls and Hunter hesitated at the door for a minute and then came right in and found his name and sat down to start the activity. He is growing up WAY too fast :/

It's been SO quiet here with just the girls this morning. I've missed him SO much. I'm headed to pick him up now and I can't wait to hear all about his first day!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Girls weekend in Houston

This past weekend the Bentons and Niswangers came to Houston for a girls weekend. Amber came down Thursday night when Christine and Brody were still in town and I was so glad we were able to all spend time together. It's always neat when 2 of you best friends can meet and spend time together. It's like 2 worlds colliding. 

I still wasn't feeling well when she arrived and she immediately took over with Audrey who also wasn't feeling well. I hadn't slept very much that week and she was so nice to offer to take the night shift with Audrey while she was in town. I didn't take her up on it but it was still so sweet to offer!

Patricia and her girls, Emory and Ava Grace, came in Friday morning. John Carter stayed behind with Rudy which meant Hunter was the ONLY boy in the house of 9 girls!

We took to the kids to eat and play at chick fil a one morning.

 The kids loved doing crafts together.

 Dinner was always fun. Hunter is quite the entertainer for the ladies :)

They had a blast swimming every chance they got.

 We had a fun weekend and always enjoy getting together. We can't wait until next time!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Christine and Brody

Christine and Brody came down this week for a visit. We already had this trip planned before Jordan left for Washington but after he left I was even MORE excited that she was coming because it would help pass the time that we are here alone. I LOVE getting together with Christine. I hadn't seen her since having Audrey so it was neat to get to introduce them to each other. Brody has grown up SO much since their last visit. He is 2 now and is such a sweet boy. He is full of life and personality and it was so neat to see Christine in mom mode. She is such a good mom and such a natural at it. 

The kids loved having Christine and Brody here too. I loved having Christine here although you may not be able to tell because of the major LACK of pictures! I felt soo bad, literally. I was sick pretty much the whole time they were here. I've had the same cold the kids had the past few weeks but mine was just not going away. At some point this week it was obvious it had turned into a sinus infection because I suddenly started feeling MUCH worse. It didn't help that Audrey was having a tough week too (which I later found out is because of 2 new teeth!). I was operating on very little sleep and felt sick, had no voice and was going to bed at like 9pm every night and dragging around all day....GREAT HOST HUH?!!! Christine was so great though and I was so glad to have them here even though I felt bad. It was nice to have some extra hands! I told her having her here was like having a wife :)

Thank you SO much for coming all the way to Texas to hang out with us! We had a blast and can't wait to get together again!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend with Papa and Vivi

 Papa and Vivi drove down this weekend to spend time with the kids and help me out since Jordan is still gone. It was SO nice to have them here! The kids always have SO much fun when they are here. They are down on the floor playing with them the whole time just soaking up every minute with them.

Vivi joined them in the clubhouse and attempted to help get it cleaned up a bit. They loved having an extra playmate.

We went back to Rosenberg to check out the Bob's Taco Station. The Tonick's met us there for dinner. Having Papa and Vivi there was like being on vacation. I pretty much was off duty on the kid front. It was a nice outing! :)

Hunter had fun lovin on Audrey, as usual, at church on Sunday.

We attempted a group picture but there were a few too many distractions!

We came home and ordered in some lunch and put the kids down for naps. Papa and Vivi made Madison a bulletin board for her room and helped me put the finishing touches on arranging everything.

 They left after the kids woke up from naps on Sunday. Their visits are never long enough! We loved having them. This was a MUCH better group picture!

Madison's room

This summer Jordan and I decided that it was time to stop living temporarily and put down some roots in this house that we have owned for 5 years. We lived here 1.5 years before moving to Florida. We lived here only a few months before we realized we wouldn't live here long.  We never really did anything to make it personal because we knew we would be putting it on the market when he signed with a different team. We moved in a few weeks after getting pregnant with Hunter. Hunter wasn't even a year old when we left this Houston house and moved to Florida. We packed up the entire "contents" but left behind the furniture. It basically looked like a staged model home...looked as though someone could live there but all the drawers and closets were empty and there were no pictures up. We left it like that the whole time we were in Florida (2 years) and when we moved back from Florida it was still on the market so we didn't do anything to make it our own. When I was put on bed rest we took the house off the market with no plans of when we would put it back on. After having Audrey we decided it's time to stop living temporarily we have been back a year and half now so it's time to put down some roots here even though we have no idea what the future holds we might as well LIVE in this house. We have spent the summer re-doing the kids rooms and the guest room, painting the entire inside of the house (wow what an undertaking), we put in a built in outdoor grill and put in some landscaping outside. We still plan to re-do our bedroom floors (from carpet to hardwood) but Jordan taking off for Washington has put that little no BIG project on hold. 

Hunter said something today that made me laugh but was SO true it stung a little :) He said "mom when I turn 5 are all my Houston toys going to be in storage?" I literally laughed out loud and then went awe :( poor little dude. His life has been all over the place. He has lived in many places in his short life. He probably thinks it's normal to pack up the entire house every few months and put it in storage. Every time he asks where something is that he can't find he will say "is it in storage too?" Today he asked where all of his trains were....Um they are in storage buddy. That prompted his question about when he turns 5. I realized that he was 2 when we were in Florida. He hasn't seen some of his things in a LONG time!

Anyway, all that to say...that is precisely the reason we felt compelled to turn our guest rooms into REAL kid rooms...something we have never been able to do! It has been so fun!

This was Madison's room before we changed it up. It was one of our guest rooms and when we first moved back Hunter slept in this room. Once Madison crawled out of her crib she moved in to this room. We tried to keep the changes relatively cheap, not only because it really is still "temporary" so to speak but also because they are kids rooms.

I wanted to keep as much as I could so we decided to go a little crazy with the PAINT and keep the bed and bedding mostly the same. The headboard was Jordan's bed growing up. The curtains we already had up in that room. 

I love Tiffany blue so we went with Tiffany blue, black, white and a little splash of pink in there. I picked out the fabric for the bedskirt and pillows and Vivi just fixed the fabric right on top of her other bedskirt..it's just pinned on top of the old bed skirt. The extra fabric was used to make some accent pillows.

My sister took the photos on the wall which I had blown up really big. The letters of her name were in her nursery as a baby (brown) we just spray painted them black. 

The dresser was just an old dresser probably from the 70's that has been painted white and distressed.

Papa Dwayne and Vivi made her little bulletin board out of some left over fabric from her skirt and pillows.

The ice cream table and chairs was actually Madison's great grandmothers (Vivian's mom). She passed away in May. Papa Dwayne pulled it down from the attic when we were home for the memorial and he repainted and refinished the table and chairs to go with the colors in her room.

 And last but certainly not least...this is my favorite. Jordan painted this crown on a GIANT canvas...by hand. In the crown it says "Daughter of the King" (King being God). Love Love Love this part.

Madison LOVES her new room. She always says "OHH pretty BLUE" every single time we go in there. I can see the excitement she has to have something of her very own :) What a fun little project! 

Side note: I realize it's not really a "little" girls room. But I am not really into themes or super kid looking type things for decor. I thought this would be something that would grow with her for quite a while at least until she has an opinion on how she wants her room. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend with Nana and Pop

Nana and Pop came to Houston this weekend for my uncles 60th birthday party. They were originally suppose to spit time between my house and Adam's house but since Jordan is gone they decided to stay at our house the whole weekend to spend time with the kids and help me out :)

Pop ended up coming late so Nana came down by herself Thursday afternoon. Hunter and Madison woke up from their naps with a nice surprise! We had a great weekend and it was SO nice to have an extra pair of hands....well with my mom's stamina it's like having 5 extra pair of hands. I always tell her having her here is like having 2 of me. She somehow always manages to beat me to whatever I was planning on doing next. It was a much appreciated break from the routine and so fun to have her here to love on the kids!

Nana was also a HUGE help in taking all 3 to the doctor on Friday morning. Audrey had to get her 4 month shots and Madison and Hunter both had to be seen for ear infections and colds. I have taken all 3 alone but never when all 3 had to be seen and one had to get shots! Going alone would have been hard when it came time for Audrey's shots....the older two were SO done by then be had been there over an hour at that point. Good thing Nana was able to take them back out to the waiting room to play while we waited another 20 minutes for Audrey's shots. 

Afterwards we had to go to Nana's favorite sushi place we went there twice this weekend :)

Madison LOVES her some crazy irishman sushi from Azuma's (we do too)

We had to do "pretty toes" for Maddie

The kids swam most of the weekend, as usual and we ate dinner outside by the pool.

It was especially fun to go antiquing in Rosenburg. We got there when the shops opened at ate at the Old Time Soda Shop and headed back home for naps.

Hunter is still my snuggle bug. Ready to snuggle anyone willing to scratch however at 4.5 he has figured who the best scratchers are :) and Nana is on the TOP of my list.

I didn't get any pictures of Pop but he did end up coming late Saturday night and he spent all Sunday morning and afternoon doing some honey do things for me around the house since Jordan is gone. Nana and I had fun doing some decorating while she was here, some of which required some heavy lifting on Pop's part! Big thanks for coming down to hang out with us. We love y'all!