Monday, July 30, 2012


After leaving the Saints last September and traveling back and forth to 4 different teams through out the season, with possibility of signing a contract that wouldn't be guaranteed, Jordan decided that it was probably best to stop chasing the dream and just go ahead and retire and move on.  He had a good run and it was time for him to be home.

We needed him at home last fall to take care of me and the kids while I was on bed rest with our surprise bundle of joy (Audrey) and he was here and he was A-mazing, as usual. Could NOT have done it without him.

This spring he decided to lose some of the extra weight he had to carry around for football and start the process of his deciding what his post-football career would be. We have been full steam ahead in that endeavor the past few months. He got down to 266 pounds, which is the lightest he has been since early high school days. He is in great shape, working out every day and helping coach a high school football team here. He has enjoyed being home so much more the past few months and getting to spend time as a family.

We have been cleaning out our storage facilities and getting our house back the way we had it before we put it on the market. We've done some remodeling, painting and re-done the kids rooms to make them their own. A lot of fun projects. It's also been neat to get our stuff out of storage and see what we have! We have lived "temporary" for so long now that we have stuff in storage we haven't seen in ages! It makes you realize how little you can actually live on.

In the process of cleaning stuff out we came across a lot of his football stuff from over the years. You know the stuff you throw in a box during a quick move knowing that one day you will do something special with it. SO neat to go through it all and reminisce over the last 10 years of our many people we have met and so many places we have lived. It's been such an awesome journey. It's hard to grasp it all when you are right in the thick of it. Life moves at such a fast pace and it is so unpredictable. We were always on the go. Always somewhere to be, moving cities, changing teams. Family and friends in and out all season long. SO FUN but it all FLEW by.

When Jordan came across his box with his Jacksonville stuff in it he got sentimental. Put his helmet on and said "wow I had no idea I would miss it this much. If I could go back I would do things so differently knowing what I know now." I was cleaning out my closet and found a suitcase in the back corner that was still full. I opened it up and realized I had never unpacked my suitcase from when we left New Orleans which is SOOOO unlike me. I was pregnant and exhausted when we came home from New Orleans. His departure from there was TOTALLY unexpected so we had been on an emotional roller coaster that day and just in shock. I just plopped the suitcase in my closet and never looked back. When I saw it I opened it up and showed Jordan all the Saints stuff in there with the tags still on it...never been worn! We had fun reminiscing and while we are 100% happy with where we are a part of us will always miss's all we've known!

The next morning (yesterday) he went to church to teach his last class in a series that he has been teaching this spring/summer. I stayed home with the girls because Maddie had a cold and a slight fever. In the middle of church his phone started ringing with calls from his agent. He stepped out to answer it and learned that the Redskins wanted to fly him there that day to sign him! He was FLOORED. He drove home (trying to call me on the way) and we he came in he said "we need to talk". I was putting Audrey down and trying to get Madison to eat so she could go down for a nap too so I said "ok let me just go put her down first so I can give you my undivided attention."...thinking he was going to tell me something about church. "he followed me upstairs and was like no we need to talk now."

He told me the Redskins called and wanted to sign him today and then just looked at me and waited for my reaction. SHOCK and Silence were all I gave him. I had not even THOUGHT about this possibility. For the first time in 10 years this was no where on my radar of things that might happen on this random Sunday afternoon.

After a bit I said. "Well what did you say?! I mean we JUST talked about this last night. How crazy is that? You JUST said how much you missed it and that if you could go back how differently you would do things. This is a no-brainer, no coincidence...Clearly from God."

He agreed 100% we talked logistics and what if's and agreed he should do this.

Shortly after our conversation we were dropping him off at the airport to say goodbye.

We don't know how long he will be gone or when we will see him again (although we hope to go to a preseason game). We are just thankful God is giving him the opportunity again. If anything, the opportunity for better closure. We are at peace with whatever may happen. Wether he comes home in September or January makes no difference to me, I am proud of him either way. I am just glad he gets to put his helmet on one more time.


Brittnie said...

Congrats! That is so exciting. :)

heather said...

God is good, and his plans are so much bigger than we can imagine! Excited for y'all!

Sarina said...

I am not sure why, but this post brought me to tears. I guess it just made me think about how God knows exactly what our hearts desire. He has such grand plans for our lives and it's been amazing to see the presence of God, his power and plan unfold right before your eyes. What a great testament to hope and faith in God and for our future. So glad he has this opportunity, one last time to be a game changer!

Gina said...

Great post! So excited for you all! God is good!!

Sara said...

Congratulations! I can't imagine living in the world of the NFL. It sounds like perhaps your husband still has some football life in him - happy for your family!

the norman family said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for y'all. That's so fun!

Jimmy, Laurie & Macey said...

Your post gave me chills! How perfect that Jordan could be home with you guys during your pregnancy and transition to a family of five. And now he gets a second chance at football. Amazing. So happy for you guys!!