Friday, July 6, 2012


This is a random post.

1. Morning is my favorite time of day. My day goes smoother if I get up before everyone else and get in some quiet time/solitude with my big cup of coffee.

2. I like to start the day with an empty dishwasher....prevents dishes from stacking in the sink all day.

3. I love smells. Smells have a big impact on my daily choices. Our laundry smells amazing. Sometimes I look forward to doing the laundry because I enjoy the smell so much. I also love it when my kids smell good. After baths they always say "mommy, come smell me".

4. I still bite my fingernails. If I don't have them done and I find a hang nail I bite it off instead of filing it down. I noticed a year or so ago that Hunter bites his nails. I mentioned it to him and he stopped. I wish I could do it that easily!

5. I like to be comfortable. I base my daily outfits on how comfortable I will be. At home I sacrifice cute for comfort. I love to dress cute but if it's uncomfortable I will be miserable the whole time. When I get home the first thing I do is take my shoes off, jewelry off and change into comfy clothes. I love house shoes. I can't have enough house shoes.

6. I am super particular about my sleep. I sleep well. I fall asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. However I have to have the scene set. Box fan on high, sound machine on rain, baby monitor as far on the other side of the room as possible (so I can only hear if they need me and not every little noise). Overhead fan on high, pillows stacked 2 deep at the perfect angle and a full bottle of water and my phone within reach. Thermostat set at 70 or below. I sleep like a baby. I do not nap well though.

5. I don't like background noise. My dad is this way too. If I am talking to someone I have to pause the TV, turn off the radio or *try* to get the kids to be quiet. When I am alone in the car I like the total radio. Also, I hate commercials. They are always louder than regular TV and that makes me irritable. I always mute the TV or pause it during commercials to wait for the DVR to skip ahead.

6. I love to take baths. I have quite the collection of bath bubbles and salts and of course the number criteria is how good they smell.

7. I don't like clutter on the countertops. I am particular about how the house looks even when no one is home. My bare minimum is a clean living room/kitchen and guest bathroom. I feel better when the whole house looks flawless but I can settle for my bare minimum if I am tired. Jordan said the other day he is starting to get my system (almost 8 years later). In his defense I "re-organize" a lot so my system has changed many times. But what he meant was he is starting to understand why everything has a place...and why everything gets put in said place. Because he can actually FIND what he is looking for!

8. I love it when the weather is sunny and breezy. HOT and STICKY makes me irritable especially if I am dressed and ready for the day. I like cold weather too because it's cozy. But my favorite is the weather I can wear a flowy sundress and not get hot or cold.

9. Flowy sundresses are my favorite. They meet the number one criteria...comfy but are also cute (and if washed by me they smell good too).

10. I love to be sore. I workout to stay in shape but my number one goal when I workout is to make myself sore. It feels like I had a better workout if it hurts a little to move. Also, when I get a massage I tell them it's not possible to hurt me...use LOTS of pressure. I like the massage to almost be painful it's so deep. I am usually sore after getting a massage because of this, but it feels so relaxing.

11. I love getting my teeth cleaned.

12. I wish I had better knees. I have so many things I want to be able to still do but the arthritic knees hold me back. They are arthritic but also destroyed from all the years of knee injuries in sports. It would be a miracle to go one day without knee pain.  If I could get a knee replacement (or 2) and come back and do all the athletic things I want to do I would do it at the age of 30. The reality is....that's not how it works.

13. I love visitors. We have always lived away from our family and a lot of our friends. I LOVE it when they come to visit and stay with us. I love a full house. I love to have company. And I love when company stays overnight. I feel like you get to know people so much better when you stay with them. Going on vacation with people is also a way to really get to know them. I have the greatest friends and family.

14. I love to be tan. I don't like the negative effects the sun has had on my skin over the years or the Melasma I developed in my childbearing years so I actually have not seen the sun in years. I use sunblock everyday under my makeup and a self tanner once a week to achieve the color I want without the sun damage. Weird? Maybe, but my skin thanks me.

15. I couldn't think of another thing to say but I couldn't end this on #14.


Sarah W. said...

Oh my gosh, we are TWINS!!!! Except I am not a morning person.
There are so many things on this list that are so me....major ones: I love house clothes, too! I always take off jewelry, shoes, etc when I get home and change into athletic type house clothes :). Its way more comfy and makes clothes last longer.

I also hate background noise. I never have the radio on, either. And the TV totally annoys me unless I am purposely watching it.

Clutter on countertops bugs me too. I have a hard time finding a balance between decorating for cute and being annoyed by decor! I went to a HGTV Dream House once and it was so overdecorated, I couldn't stand it!

Anyway there are so many more!! We are so much alike. This list made me smile!

On a different note....are you guys staying in Houston?? Or just making it "you" while you're there?

Brittnie said...

Oh my we are a lot alike.... I am totally #1, 5, 7, 11 and 13 (although we don't have many overnight visitors since most of our family is here). Fun post!