Friday, July 6, 2012

Pop in town

My dad came in town last month to help us get started on a few home improvement projects. We wanted to add a built in out door grill to our backyard and also turn the media room back into a bedroom, which it was originally intended to be. Hunter is going to take the media room which opens up the 2nd master bedroom to be our guest room again, since we frequently have guests. 

We also redid each of the kids rooms and made them their own. We have moved so many times over the years that our kids have not really ever had their own rooms done up how they would want them. I have always made do with what we had in the houses we have lived in but when you rent there isn't a whole lot you can do. 

Here in Houston all of our spare rooms had been staged as generic guest rooms when we had the house on the market. Now that we've been back here a year I figured it was time to turn them into kid rooms...the way they should be! We are almost finished so I will post pics when we are done. 

We are also re-painting the entire house a warmer color....this has been mostly my project. I take it one room at a time and have had numerous days of 6+ hours of painting before the kids get up, during nap time and after the kids go to bed at night. Jordan has been working on projects for the kids rooms. He painted Madison a canvas headboard and made Hunter a headboard for his room. He also painted Madison's room and is doing some painting in Hunter's room. He also has redone all the flower beds outside and added bricks around the perimeter of the beds. He plans to plant privacy plants around our backyard at some point but we may wait till it cools off a bit. 

Next on the list is we are putting hardwood floors in the Master bedroom. That will take a few days I'm sure so we just need to find some time (consecutive days) where he can work on that. He may recruit some help since I will be watching the kids I won't be much help on that project. 

Anyway, back to Pop's visit. Hunter LOVED having POP here. He was his little side kick. Pop and Jordan worked for a few days on projects and Hunter never left their side. 

We opened Hunter's room (what was the media room) to the adjoining bathroom (gave him a door). It was suppose to have a door when the house was built but we had the builder put a wall there so we could put our media room chairs along that wall. 

Maddie mostly watched from inside. She loves to help but often times ends up getting into stuff she shouldn't. Pop was digging up the grass to put in a flower bed along our garage.
Pop took a break in the shade to snuggle the kiddos.
Being outside in the heat is exhausting! It was close to nap time and Maddie was tired so se just laid down in the cool sandbox in the shade.

Jordan making the frame for the built in grill. Adam and Jaclyn came over one night for a cookout.
We like to eat outside in the summer. Our backyard is in the shade after 4pm. Eating outside makes for easy cleanup.

Framing the top of the grill to pour a concrete slab.

Little "helpers"

Finished product

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