Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 months old

Happy 3 months Audrey!

Sweet baby girl, you are the best. You are so precious and sweet and easy. You have started playing with toys now and engaging with your brother and sister while they desperately try to play with you. You give big gummy smiles and coos and you enjoy getting to sit up and look around. We've tried the Bumbo with you a few times and you seem to like it for the first 5 minutes or so. 

This picture cracks me up. I caught you in the middle of your HOLLER, which is what you do before you start to fuss. I always know you are tired or hungry or bored (ready for a change up) when you do the holler. If I don't make it over in a timely manner it will turn into a holler-fuss, then a whine, then a soft cry but it rarely gets to that point.
You love your little baby papasan chair. You sit here during our meals or when mommy gets ready (if you wake up before I can get ready), and when I cook dinner. You are always content in your little chair.
Mommy would much rather play with you and hold you than fold the laundry so this is what it's been looking like lately....a GIGANTIC pile. I did end up folding this only for it to return the next day. It's amazing how much laundry our little family of 5 goes through. Laundry will always be there...but you won't. So I will always pick your snuggles over that pile any day. In fact you smell sweeter, which is hard to do because I LOVE the way our laundry smells :)
 I love your chubby cheeks. You've been putting on the chub these past few weeks. You are close to 13 pounds now.  You don't miss a meal. You love to eat and you are a good nurser. You finish in about 15 minutes now and go about 2.5- 3 hours between feeds (4 hours once a day for your big nap).
 Your brother and sister DESPERATELY want to play with you. They cannot wait for you to join in on the fun. When you play on the floor they are always right by you. They love to have Tea parties with you.

Your sleep is slowly getting longer and longer at night. I stopped waking you up at 10pm because it didn't really make a difference on how long you slept through the night, you woke at the same time regardless. The first time we let you sleep through the 10pm feed you went 10.5 hours straight (from 6pm). The next night you went 11 hours (from 6pm). You are staying right at the 10-11 hour stretch right now but since you go to bed at 5:30/6pm you still wake up in the middle of my night. You go back to sleep easily though and wake again around 7am to eat. Most days you want to go right back to sleep till 8 or 8:30 but some days you are ready to go after the 7am feed. Your naps are somewhat predictable. Your first morning nap is usually around 1-2 hours and you stay awake about 1 hour between naps. You mid-day nap is the longest, which I love, because it's at the same time as Hunter and Madison. You all 3 sleep from about 12pm-3pm. You tend to go the longest, sometimes to 4pm. You may or may not take a late afternoon nap. That one is the hardest for you. You either nap really short (20 min) or don't nap at all and go to bed at 5:30. Just like your brother and sister your "fussy" time of the day is from 4pm to bedtime. I use the term fussy loosely. You aren't fussy at all just less content. You have a harder time going down for that nap and aren't as into playing alone during that time. You do enjoy the swing during that time and being held by mom. As long as you get to do that you don't protest :)

You started drooling the past few weeks and you found your fists. You love to gnaw on them as well as any other items you can find laying around. You play with your car seat toys now and you like watching yourself in the mirror.

You are growing entirely too fast. We are already a quarter through your first year and it feels like you were just born! We love you to pieces and thank God for blessing us with you. You are an angel!

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