Friday, June 22, 2012

Sweet Sweet Baby

Sweet Audrey. You are so precious and so easy. You are such a joy to have around and I just never want to put you down! When you are awake I am either feeding you, snuggling you or carrying you around. I keep meaning to give you some floor time to work those muscles but that would mean I would have to put you down. 

Last night you went your longest stretch yet, 10.5 hours straight. Your momma THANKS you for that. You've been consistently going between 7-9 hours the past couple of weeks but you are inching closer and closer to that beautiful 12 hour/night sleep. I do enjoy getting up to feed you in the night because it is only once and it is so quiet...just you and me in your dark room...the only feed of the day that is like that. Part of me will miss it when it's gone completely. 

Somewhere in the last week or two I've noticed you are a baby now, no longer an infant. You engage with us the whole time your awake. You coo and play with toys. The drool has begun, but not all the time. You have found your hands and chew on them just for fun. I love this age. You are so easy and so fun and I could smell your sweet smell forever!

I wish I could find a baby picture of me, most were lost in the fire, but I know my mom has one or two that were salvaged. I remember seeing one that looks IDENTICAL to this one below. Same facial expression and everything.

P.S. Your brother and sister are still obsessed with you. How could they not be?!

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