Sunday, June 3, 2012

2 months old!

Precious baby girl I cannot get enough of you! I want to savor and soak up every moment with you. You are so sweet and so cuddly and you just smell so good :) You are such a good baby. You sleep well and eat well and enjoy watching your siblings play around you. You love to be sitting up especially after you eat. You would stay awake for a LONG time if I let you sit up where you can watch your brother and sister play. You find them very entertaining and interesting. You have such a sweet personality. Lately you have been cooing (started at around 6 weeks) and sometimes it's as if you are kind of laughing at us or smirking. You love to make eye contact and will usually give a big gummy grin especially if we make noises at you. 

We moved you to your crib this week (right at 8 weeks) and you have done really well. I get up only once with you at night around 3:45-4:00am you usually seem pretty hungry at first but then about 5 minutes into it you fall back asleep and sleep till 7:30am. You go to bed at 7:00pm (same time as your brother and sister) and I wake you up at 10pm, before I go to bed, to top you off. We all sleep a little better, you included, with you in your own room. During the day you stay awake for about an hour at a time before you are ready for a nap. You go down so easily without any fussing and put yourself to sleep in your crib (with a paci). Although at night you always fall asleep eating before bed. You sleep about 6-7 hours straight in the night pretty regularly and take 3 naps a day with your big 3-4 hour nap being right when Hunter and Madison nap 12:00pm-3/4:00pm.  I sometimes let you nap on my bed especially if I am going to take a nap, just because I like the company and enjoy hearing you breathe and watching you sleep. 

You love to be on your tummy. You sleep on your tummy most of the time but also sleep on your side pretty well. You do not enjoy being at a recline or on your back at all, only because of the reflux. Your favorite way to be is sitting up, on your tummy or in the baby carrier upright. You are not a fan of the car seat because of the recline especially after you eat. You do well in the car seat an hour or 2 after a meal but you don't sleep as well in there as you do in your bed.

 You are engaging so much more with us the past 4 weeks. You have started mimicking what we do. We smile, you smile, we stick out our tongue you do it back.

 You spend a lot of time outside in the shade watching your siblings swim and play in the sand box. You seem to like being outside, you look around and have such a peaceful look on your face...just taking it all in.
 Every night you fall asleep nursing before bed. Sometimes I just don't want to put you down. I love soaking up the snuggles and smelling your sweet smell.

We love you so much and are so thankful that God gave us YOU!


Sara said...

I just think she looks so much like Madison in most pics, but then I see a little Hunter as well. So precious! I always enjoy reading your updates.

Ashley Locke said...

Cute Ash!! She looks so much like Jordan.