Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sassy and Fabulous

Little miss is 2 years old and fabulous! 

A little sneak peak of her birthday party outfit. You can guess the theme :)

"Hey Madison! Smile for me"....this is what I get. Total SASS!
Precious in Pigtails
Hunter and Madison have turned into little fish. They want to swim all day every day. The puddle jumpers are great because I don't have to be in the pool with them and I know they will be fine or at least fine long enough for me to get to them from the lounge chair. Hunter usually swims without his on and Madison has been wanting to join him although I am only comfortable with her being in the hot tub without it. They have both made TREMENDOUS strides with swimming the last few weeks. They love to swim right up till lunch or dinner and eat pool side...easy cleanup for momma :)


She loves to help out. Madison and her baby doll are usually doing the same thing Audrey and I are doing all day long.

If Madison ever goes missing rest assured she will be found 10 inches from Audrey's face


Madison gets really tired around 11:00am. I used to try to hold her off till Noon and put her and Hunter down at the same time for nap BUT she sleeps a lot longer if I put her down sooner. So lately it's been 11:15am-2:15/2:30pm. If I don't take her up to her bed she will lay on the floor wherever she is when she gets sleepy.

Madison got her first haircut this month. She still had a bunch of different lengths from growing out her baby hair so we just had it trimmed to give it more of a style. 

She is 36 inches tall (96%), 24 pounds (16%) and her head is 18.7 inches (54%). She didn't have to get any vaccinations today but did have to get a finger prick and she didn't even flinch. Such a big girl!

We did a mini birthday celebration tonight with cake pops and let her open her present from us. Her party is next weekend.  

 She LOVES her new bike

 Hunter immediately took her out to show her how to ride it.

Madison it's hard to believe we've already had 2 years with you. You have brought SO much joy and laughter into our lives. As I sit and look at Audrey I sometimes forget that I am looking at her and not looking at you. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was rocking and nursing you all alone in the wee hours of the morning smelling that sweet baby head and soaking up each precious moment. You have grown and changed so much since then. You have the best little personality. You love to make people laugh, especially Hunter. You are quick to apologize if you hurt someone and you always say please and thank you. You are a great sleeper and always have been. Recently you have become a snuggler just before bed, you want to be held while we sing to you. You play well alone, entertaining yourself with your dolls and your strollers. You are obsessed with your baby sister. You always want to be where she is doing what she is doing. When I feed her you come running over and ask to hold her. When I burp her you quickly say "my turn" and offer to burp her. You bring me diapers, wipes, blankets and anything else I might need. You are always trying to predict ways that you can help me out with Audrey. 

You are fearless. You have so much spunk. You are willing to try anything...any food, any toy, any physical feat, you want to experience it all first hand. You love pretty things and get really excited when your hair is fixed, you have a pretty dress on, pretty shoes and most importantly pretty toes. You communicate with us very well. You understand just about everything we say and respond in ways that make us laugh out loud sometimes. You speak in small sentences and have certain words that you can't quite get down just right. Your biggest priority right now is independence. "I do it" or "me do it" is what you say all day long. You are independent with dressing and undressing from head to toe minus your shirt. 100% of the time you put your shoes on backwards and every single time we tell you to switch them you look down at your shoes with this puzzled look like what we are telling you is brand new information. You insist on brushing your own teeth, buckling (guckle) yourself into your booster at the table and climbing in and out of the car all by yourself (and car seat). If we happen to try to help you (to speed things up), you let out a shriek and back up and start all over again so you can do it yourself from start to finish. We have learned to just let you do it and take your sweet precious time because it takes twice as long if we try to help you since you insist on starting over all the way from the beginning. You are very obedient especially for a 2 year old. When we call your name you yell "coming" and you come running to see what we need. When we have to get on to you your bottom lip turns up side down which makes it next to impossible for us to stay on is just so precious. 

You love to try to count and sing your ABC's. Anytime you see letters you point to them and sing call them "AB's". When you try to count you count 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10!! You know a few of your colors but you have the confidence as though you know them all. You pick things up and confidently yell out what color you think it is (whether right or wrong). You are very competitive, EVERYTHING is a race and in the end you yell "I WIN!!!!!" You LOVE to play chase. You and Hunter will chase each other around in circles every night after dinner. When it's time to go up to bed you want to be chased up the stairs and you love to run in your room and hide (in the same place every time) and make us find you. You are very particular about the bed time ritual. You are quick to tell us if we forget part of it (much like your brother). You will yell out as we walk out which part we forgot begging that we come back and finish. 

I want to remember the way you mispronounce these words...
Guckle (buckle)
Comane (coming)
Puwup (pullup)
Tunter (Hunter)
Dwink (Drink)
Gucket (bucket)
Shu Shu (Bless you)
Peas (Please)
Cwock (crocks)
Fip fops (Flip flops)
Hode (hold)
AB's (ABC's)
Pity (pretty)
Me mouse (minnie mouse)
A-pane (airplane)
Hur-me (hurt me)
Hungee (hungry)
Fwodie (floaty)
A-Dahn (all done)
Cawch (couch)
Pa-fire (pacifier)
Cop-orn (popcorn)

I find myself watching you all the time marveling at how good God did when he made you. You are so precious and so fun. I wish I could press pause on your age right now...your voice, the way you mispronounce words, your laugh, the excitement you get when you do something great. The sparkle in your eye when you make Hunter laugh. The way you hug me so incredibly tight around my neck and reach down with your hand to pat my back. Your daddy and I love you more than you will ever know and even though I wish time could stand still I look forward to watching you grow into a beautiful young woman. We love you!

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Ashley Locke said...

Happy Birthday!! LOVE the bathing suit picture. Totally framable for her room!! ;)