Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just us girls

Pink eye has been passed around our house this week. Maddie woke up at midnight with two crusty eyes and a runny nose. Daddy dosed her up with the eye drops and said we should keep her home from church this morning. SO it was just us girls this morning while daddy and Hunter went to church. 

She looked just fine to me :)

She asked me to take her picture. She was doing this kick thing and saying "CHEESE!! (again mommy) CHEESE!!!" She loves the camera

Posing in front of the fridge....again with the kicks

I think she just loved the extra attention

And snuggles

 Audrey was awake for a short while and Madison showered her with hugs and kisses...naturally

Precious girl don't let anyone ever tell you that you lack personality. You are one of a kind!

So Beautiful

Love you


Brittnie said...

She is the cutest ever!!

Sarah W. said...

She is SOOOOO cute!!!! What fun pictures! I can tell she has such a fun personality. What a cutie!